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Published: 2008/2/21 0:00:00
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(Correspondents Continued)

Choodie Shivaram carries over three decades of rich experience as a freelance journalist and is actively involved with Print, Radio, Visual and New Media. She is an Arts graduate and holds a full law degree. She is also an independent HR consultant specializing in the semiconductor industry. Choodie resides in Bangalore with her husband and two children; her daughter Gayathri is an active freelance journalist too. Her many articles in Hinduism Today since 1995 include Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (10-95), Crafts by Women (1-96), Kerala's Matriachy (2-96), Ganesha Factory (3-96), a Tobaccoless Village (3-96), Tirupati's Priests (6-96), Madhavacharya's Birthplace (11-96), Joint Families at Risk (1-97), India's Beauty Contest (3-97), a Saint's Self-Willed Death (9-97). Choodie's vision statement: "My involvement with Hinduism Today opened my eyes to the real side of Hinduism. Besides the content of the magazine, during the course of penning articles, I referred to a number of books on varied subjects on Hindu philosophy. I was forced to speak to a number of traditional and modern scholars. I was awe struck by Hinduism's profundity. I feel sad to think of how I squandered an important part of my early life in ignorance. I realize that a whole lifetime is not sufficient to understand the beauty that is Hinduism. We had and have great scholars who have written brilliantly about the religion and commented copiously on innumerable scriptures. My windows of perception and understanding of the religion have just started unfolding. Today I am extremely proud of being a Hindu, and this pride comes not by vanity or by virtue of my birth as a Hindu, but by the better understanding of the religion and its greatness. With me, my family has come under the influence of the true essence of the religion, and this has given a sound grounding of the essence and values of Sanathana Dharma to my children." "

Dr. Virendra Sodhi of Washington state shares with reader's his lifetime of experience in medicine and health, unfolding the mysteries of ayurveda for our readers. Dr. Sodhi holds an M.D. (Ayurveda) from India and a N.D. from Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine, USA. He covers all aspects of health and well-being in his articles, and lectures extensively around the US.

An invitation: If you are a talented writer and lover of dharma, please contact our editorial offices. Sannyasin Arumugaswami would love to hear from you, as it is his mission, his vision, to add many more fine souls to our Hinduism Today family!

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