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Published: 2008/2/22 8:32:25
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(The Story of Hinduism Today Continued)

Into the Future of Futures: There are numerous historians and intellectuals, like Arnold Toynbee, who genuinely believe that the next century is going to be the Asian Century. Observes Editor-in-Chief Palaniswami: "I think we are a harbinger of that fact, that whether it's religious content or artistic content or even cultural or literary content, Asia is going to dominate the world scene. But in terms of means of dissemination, tools of communicating that content-those tools all belong to the West and will continue to belong to the West. What Hindus need to do is take their rich, precious and incomparable content and use the tools of dissemination that have been so masterfully crafted in the West. I think that's where a marriage of Asian philosophy and culture and Western technology can do something very special for India in the century ahead. But if we take the Western content and the Western tools-like television has done-we are ruined. We have to be very discriminating in that regard."

Hinduism Today reaches many homes in many countries. It lands upon the desks of physicians, scientists, artists, politicians, religious leaders and entrepreneurs. The expansion continues to many countries-expansion not of might but of mighty ideas. Hinduism Today keeps to the high writing and production standards its readers expect from it, and while providing the news in an entertaining way, it never lets the entertainment sink to triviality. As the founding publisher Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami explained to me years ago: "We want to inspire leaders who can go out and inspire others, not write to the lowest common denominator. We feel Hinduism is a religion of love. Hinduism is love of the one energy which comes from God and flows through all our bodies. Our motto in dealing with all the differences and distinctions is : 'One world. One God.' " It is this enlightened concept of Sanatana Dharma that Hinduism Today--the colorful, computerized messenger of Indian paths and experiences--takes to homes on every continent. Humanity could use a lot more of this profound and tolerant view of our deepest urge--the spiritual one we all share, however quietly.

They're based in Hawaii, so of course you can surf their great web site and catch some Big Waves!

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