July/August/September 2009 PDF Edition

This is our Special Temple Issue. To begin, in a piece called "Our Three Kinds of Temples" Publisher Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami explores three primary ways that the temple defines our faith. The community temple is the hub of culture, worship, rites and festivals. The home shrine is the home's temple where devout Hindus worship daily and perform puja, read scripture, do sadhana, bajana and japa. Third, there is the interior temple of the soul, called atma mandir in Sanskrit. Here our worship is internalized, yogas are performed and we ultimately merge with God within. This Publisher's Desk will expand your concept of the Hindu temple and enrich your life in the process.

This issue's fully-illustrated, 16-page Educational Insight comes from the photographer, writer and anthropologist who brought Hinduism to the Smithsonian back in 1996. His classic work, "Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion," is elegantly presented with real-life stories of devotional moments that disclose the breadth and depth of worship. This article serves as a thorough, authentic and charming introduction to Hindu temples and shrines, and Dr. Stephen Huyler's photography is beguiling.

New York based writer Lavina Melwani weaves the tale of that one-of-a-kind Siva temple being erected on Kauai island. Yes, the one at the home of Hinduism Today. Through her keen observations and personal interviews, we learn of Iraivan Temple a Chold-style granite masterpiece nestled in a lush jungle in the middle of nowhere. It's never happened before

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