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January/February/March 2008 PDF Edition

Released:  Sun, 02-Dec-2007

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The January-February-March issue of Hinduism's flagship spiritual magazine features the fascinating story of a village of Indian painters who produce exquisite works of art on Lord Krishna. Their tradition is ancient, fully integrated with devotion and perpetuated via the guru-sishya relationship. Find out how they derive their amazing colors from nature, and how the tradition is preserved even while the art evolves and remains contemporary.

Our publisher Bodhinatha Veylanswami addresses the question "How can I improve the world?" He suggests practical approaches and the application of some basic spiritual principles, showing how raising our children to be spiritual, for instance, will have a cumulative effect down the road and eventually make a real difference.

For those of us reaching our golden years, here is "Aging Gracefully," a 14-page article collecting all the wisdom and practical advice to make this time truly golden, vital and healthy.

Behold another magnificent temple by the BAPS people. This time in Toronto. Our editors take you on a tour of Dvaraka, the holy city where Lord Krishna was prince. Long thought by many to be a myth, it has now proven to be historically real. Its remains are visible several meters under the sea off the coast of Gujarat. This inspiring article covers the history, lore and archeological mysteries. Our issue contains much more, including several articles by youth and about youth.

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