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October/November/December 2008

October/November/December 2008

October/November/December 2008 PDF Edition 

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The October-November-December edition of Hinduism's flagship spiritual magazine gives Hindu families, teachers and institutions a powerful educational tool which will help us all teach kids the truth about India's amazing history. This information-rich, 16-page history of India from 300 to 1100 ce covers India's social, cultural, intellectual and spiritual past. This second history (our editorial team's first lesson covered from ancient time to 300 ce) continues the effort to tell the authentic story of India, and in the process to correct the errors, omissions and distortions that are taught in grade schools around the world.

The issue presents a major feature on Navaratri, that grand festival to the Goddess, and explores the subtle differences in how She is honored differently in different parts of the world. Other articles cover the fascinating history of the sari, how a sacred view of the cosmos is saving forests, a day in the life of a living sage, Sadhu Vasvani, one journalist's reflections on Hindu parents' failure to pass on the heritage to his generation and a penetrating commentary by Dr. David Frawley on the fraudulent strategies Christian missionaries employto covert Hindus to their faith.

Our publisher, Satguru Bodhiantha Veylanswami, tackles television in his editorial, critiquing it, yes, but also providing parents ways to apply the power and presence of television to their children's moral and intellectual growth. He even finds ways to make the boob tube into a spiritual tool. There is humor and our cartoon, an excerpt from the Agamas on the qualities of the seeker, and more. Something for everyone.


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