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Lesson 3: Hinduism Endures, 1100 to 1850

Released:  Thu, 16-Dec-2010

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India responded to centuries of Muslim invasion and rule and later British colonization by both armed resistance and spiritual resolve. The country remained overwhelming Hindu despite foreign domination and religious oppression. India was one of the very few ancient societies to survive into modern times with its religion and social structure largely intact.

This Educational Insight is the third chapter in our series on Hindu history intended for use in US primary and secondary schools. Most textbooks presenting Indian history between 1100 and 1850 focus on the Muslim and British rule. They tend to ignore the adverse material and religious impact of this rule on Hindus, who made up 80% of the population during most of this period. This chapter is intended to fill this gap and serve as a supplement to other texts, not as a comprehensive overview of all events of this time. It is meant to explain what happened under India

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