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July/August/September 2017

July/August/September 2017

July/August/September 2017 ePub Edition for iOS and Other Devices 

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Hinduism Today's latest issue has gone to press and is now available online free of charge . You can also download our free Hinduism Today app and get the entire magazine on your mobile device at

Our 16-page Insight section unfolds the rare life and teachings of Sri Nimbarka Acharya, the founder of Radha-Krishna worship. Author Brahmachari Vrajvihari Sharan translates the traditional tales of the founder of one of the earliest of the Vedanta schools, a saint who renewed the faith of millions back in a day when other faiths were seeking Hindu converts. Amazingly, during the creation of this feature the head of the lineage had his Mahasamadhi in India and a new satguru was enthroned'a ceremony at which 200,000 devotees were fed. Learn of Nimbarka's magical life, lavishly illustrated by none other than Maniam Selven of Chennai.

Our feature story this issue delves deeper into the culture and countryside of Assam, that nation said to be a miniature of India. Our journalist focuses especially on the unique institutions, called satras, that protect and promote Hinduism in this nation. There are thousands of these community centers. We also take a ferry across the amazing the Brahmaputra River to visit the world's largest island.

In his Publisher's Desk editorial, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami speaks of self-surrender, but not just the devotional kind. He declares that surrender is an important practice in all the yogas--bhakti, karma and raja--marshalling lucid arguments for this insight.

Ever heard of SBNR? It's an acronym for Spiritual But Not Religious, and has become so prevalent that it is printed on Pew survey forms, presenting an option when asked about religious affiliations. Seems this is the fastest growing religious category in America, and its blossoming is good news for Hindus. Learn about one of the most important movements in the religious world

For years we have known about the amazing way Hindus in Mauritius observe Sivaratri, and have longed for the day we could publish that story. Well, here it is, one writer's take on the disciplines, celebrations and multi-day treks that define almost the entire country one day in February/March.

Empty nest. It's a way of describing what happens when our children grow up and leave the home. Vermont resident Vatsala Sperling takes her own experience as a cautionary tale for all families, offering sagely advice on how to prepare for what is, in the West, an inevitable and unenviable day. In India this experience is seldom confronted, but in the West Hindu families face it everyday.

Years back, in the 50s, a 30-something Tamil artist, musician and dancer moved to New York City, bringing with her the fullness of her early training in South India. She lived in Manhattan the rest of her life, creating and sharing her art. NYC writer Lavina Melwani tells the story of Y.G. Srimati in the context of a new exhibition at the Met on her life accomplishments.

You have come to expect more in Hinduism Today, and you won't be disappointed. A couple of Pakistani Hindus are traveling in the West giving voice to the issues there; Quotes & Quips uplifts the spirit with fun ideas and a cartoon that may puzzle you at first; Global Dharma surveys the Hindu diaspora and reports on some important recognition for Hinduism in Spain and Switzerland; and Digital Dharma assesses a Ten-Minute Spiritual Workout App that helps busy people with mobile devices have a little spirituality in their life.


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