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January/February/March 2010

January/February/March 2010

January/February/March 2010 PDF Edition 

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The January-February-March, 2010 is unusually rich in compelling and enlightening articles. So, what's inside that so rich?

1. The 21st century's first major Hindu migration
It's a little-know story, full of bad policies, forced resettlements, decades of right denied and spirits not broken. Follow the whole tale as some 60,000 Hindus, chased out of their native Bhutan, end up in refugee camps in Nepal for 19 years. Finally, they are offered a permanent home in the USA and elsewhere. Their arrival is seen as a major and positive event that will enrich Hinduism. Their challenges in the US are monumental, but after what they have been through one senses they will thrive, if Hindu communities continue to help them.

2. The mystical power of giving
"Giving has the power to draw spiritual fulfillment and wealth into your life," explains publisher Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami in his editorial. He shares with us mystical laws about giving


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