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Chapter 10: Family Life and Monastic Life
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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The Spiritual Ideals of Hinduism's Two Noble Paths of Dharma (more)

Chapter 11: A Creed of Monasticism
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Swami Vivekananda’s “Song of the Sannyasin” Boldly Defines the Ideals of Monastic Life (more)

Chapter 12: Ten Questions People Ask About Hinduism
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Humanity’s most profound faith is now a global phenomenon. Students, teachers, neighbors and friends are full of questions. Misconceptions prevail. Here are ten thoughtful answers you can use to ... (more)

Chapter 13: How to Become a Hindu
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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The remarkable personal stories of men and women who entered the Hindu religion, shrugging off the myth that (more)

Chapter 14: Hinduism & Buddhism
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Buddhism sprang from the Hindu heart and heartland, then pioneered its own distinct vision. Now, 2,500 years later, how similar is Buddha (more)

Chapter 15: The Satguru
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Exploring the centrality of the enlightened master in hinduism, with verses from the Kularnava Tantra on reverence for one (more)

Chapter 16: The Chakras
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Exploring the 14 Mystical Force Centers that Govern Awareness

There are fourteen great nerve centers in the physical body, in the astral body and in the body of the soul. These centers are ... (more)

Chapter 17: Our Subtle Energy Highways
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Insights from Scriptures, Saints And Scholars

There are two basic energy currents within our subtle body. These are ida and pingala, which surround a central major current, sushumna. The ida ... (more)

Chapter 18: The Human Aura
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Understanding and Improving Your Colorful Emotional-Energy Field

The human aura extends out around the body from three to four feet, even from fie to six feet in the case of more evolved ... (more)

Chapter 19: Death and Dying
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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The Hindu View of the Grand Departure and Its Sacred Rites of Passage

Lead me from darkness to light, from death to immortality. (more)

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