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Chapter 30: Karma and Reincarnation
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Insights from Swami Vivekananda on How We Each Forge Our Own Destiny

Just before the turn of the 20th century, swami vivekananda,
a brilliant young Hindu monk from India, preached ... (more)

Chapter 31: How to Ease Karma
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Using the Power of Penance to Mitigate the Effects of Misdeeds

A few years ago, a devout hindu couple pulled up to the drive-in window of their local Taco Bell fast-food Mexican ... (more)

Chapter 32: Anger Management
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Seven Ways to Tame Your Most Destructive Emotion

Two cars bang fenders at an intersection; tempers flare and a fist fight breaks out. In a store nearby, a man stomps of in a fury, ... (more)

Chapter 33: Silence is Golden
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Mind and Emotions Are Calmed As We Observe Mauna, Restraint of Speech

Many think of silence simplistically, as just the absence of noise, or not speaking words. But silence, like life ... (more)

Chapter 34: Hatha Yoga
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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A 24-Posture System of Body Tuning and Preparation for Meditation

Hatha yoga is a system of handling the physical body so that the mind and the nerve system are calmed and quieted. It is ... (more)

Chapter 35: Sacred Pilgrimage
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Seeking God, Begging for Boons and Atoning for Misdeeds at 14 Holy Places

Five duties, pancha kriya, form the traditional minimal practices expected of every Hindu: upasana (worship); ... (more)

Chapter 36: Hospitality
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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How Guests Are Treated As God in the Hindu Home

Be one to whom the mother is a God. Be one to whom the father is
a God. Be one to whom the teacher is a God. Be one to whom the guest ... (more)

Chapter 37: Raising Children As Good Hindus
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Parents Are the First Gurus in Religion and Character Building

Many Hindu families visiting our Hawaii monastery, particularly those with young children, ask if I have any advice for them. ... (more)

Chapter 38: Cultural Cues & Clues
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Keys to Hindu Protocol for Novice Pilgrims to the Holy Lands

Nearly every indigenous people on Earth is reevaluating, rediscovering
and reappreciating its ancient ways, the traditions ... (more)

Chapter 39: Rites of Passage
Released:  Thu, 28-May-2009
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Personal Ceremonies that Sanctify and Celebrate Life (more)

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