"Thinking Together: Decolonizing Time" Lecture by Prof. C. K. Raju

Posted by Anonymous Date 2017/6/11 12:42:49


BERLIN, GERMANY, March 18, 2017: Above is a thought-provoking hour-long lecture by Prof. CK Raju on the contrast between Western and Indian concepts of time, part of his work in rooting out the impact of the Western ideas and specifically of British colonization on present-day Indian thinking.

See also his video, "A Tale of Two Calendars - Dr C K Raju - India Inspires Talks" at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvpuC7Dg4e0.

From the video description:
About Dr. Chandra Kant Raju - He is a computer scientist, mathematician, educator, physicist,and polymath researcher. He is affiliated with the Centre for Studies in Civilizations in New Delhi. Currently living in Malaysia, he occupies a function as lecturer of History and philosophy of science at Albukhary International University. He has also done considerable historical research, most notably claiming infinitesimal calculus was transmitted to Europe from India. Through his research, Raju has claimed that the philosophies that underlie subjects like TIME and MATHEMATICS are rooted in the theocratic needs of the Roman Catholic Church. He has authored 12 books and dozens of articles, mainly on the subjects of physics, mathematics, and the history and philosophy of science.

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