Dream Comes True: The Hindu Temple in The Hague is Finished after Years of Building

Posted by Anonymous Date 2019/9/16 12:37:07


THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, September 13, 2019 (Omroepwest, translated from Dutch): The Hindu temple in The Hague, which is said to be the largest on the European mainland, is finally finished after 10 years. The opening is Saturday, but the festive atmosphere can be felt everywhere in the building on Friday. Hindus in colored robes sing and pray around a bowl of fire and perform their rituals in the prayer room on the first floor. Downstairs there is cooking and vegetarian dishes are ready for guests.

"A dream has come true," cries Pandit Suruj Biere. 'It is a multi-cultural, spiritual, multi-functional, educational, cultural center and prayer room. The intention is to be open to everyone on a daily basis. For example, on Tuesday we hold senior meetings. For people who are home alone. We want to combat loneliness so those people can come over. Everyone is welcome here."

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