Delaware Temple Welcomes Massive Statue of Hindu God

Posted by Anonymous Date 2020/1/25 10:01:22


HOCKESSIN, DELAWARE, January 19, 2020 (Washington Post): A Delaware temple is now home to a statue of a Hindu God said to be the tallest in the country. Hundreds of people celebrated the arrival of the 25-foot, 20-ton granite statue of the Hindu God Hanuman Saturday morning at a temple in Hockessin, The News Journal reported. A welcome ceremony was held after a truck delivered the 60,000-pound statue. "Across India, Lord Hanuman is often enshrined and worshiped in the form of a towering statue and we are proud to bring that tradition to Delaware," Patibanda Sarma, president of the Hindu Temple Association, told the newspaper. Organizers of the effort to bring the statue to Delaware said it will be the tallest statue of a Hindu God carved out of a single piece of stone in the U.S. Sculptors in India spent about a year carving it.

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