A New Hindu Temple in Veneto Inaugurated

Posted by Anonymous Date 2020/8/6 11:30:34


VENETO, ITALY, July 30, 2020 (Qdp News Google translated from Italian): Shree Salasar Mandir is the name of the Hindu temple that was inaugurated yesterday, in Corso Tre Venezie in Padua, in the Arcella area. The Hindu community of Veneto therefore has a new place to pray and socialize just a few minutes from the center of a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, capable of welcoming various ethnic groups and tourists from all over the world. The Hindu faithful began to pray as early as 8 am but the religious services and official meetings will continue in the coming days, so as to allow even those who work during the week to participate in the events of the rich program desired by the organizers.

The temple is dedicated to the monkey-God Hanuman, in particular Salasar Balaji according to the religious tradition of the city of Salasar in Rajasthan. Before Covid - explains restaurateur Pankaj Sharma - about 400,000 Indian tourists arrived in Venice each year. "We also work with Indian tourism and travel agencies. When Indian tourists arrive in Venice, we let them visit the city of Padua and take them to our restaurants and hotels in the city. Thanks to this temple, Hindu tourists will be able to pray a few minutes by car from the historic center ."

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