DELHI, INDIA, April 30, 2021 (The Guardian): In Delhi, a city where someone dies from Covid-19 every four minutes, every day is a battle not just for hospital beds but for a space to say goodbye to the dead with dignity. The official capacity at the Ghazipur crematorium in east Delhi is 38 bodies, and before the pandemic, only once in living memory had all the funeral pyres been taken in one day. Now, as a deadly second coronavirus wave sweeps the capital, sometimes 150 bodies have already arrived by early morning. The staff have expanded operations into the car park, but it’s not nearly enough.

In India’s capital, the virus is showing no sign of abating. On Friday morning, Delhi registered another record-breaking 395 deaths, and 24,235 cases. Across India, the total number of new confirmed cases was 386,693, another global record. Crematoriums are expanding at a rapid pace, attempting to increase capacity to cope with 1,000 cremations a day.

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