CALIFORNIA, June 19, 2022 (Press Release): For a long time, many key Hindu texts have been kept in Western libraries, in some cases cut off from Vedic researchers who had need of them, and were instead given to Western researchers, some of whom misused the texts to push inaccuracies about Hinduism. To resolve this, Hindus launched the Smaracaya digital library, to keep Dharmic texts in Dharmic hands, to be used for Dharmic goals.

At launch, the library contains over 1,500 books, ranging from Sanskrit manuscripts to historical texts, for patrons to peruse. With thousands more to be uploaded, and even more pledged to the library, Smaracaya is poised to become one of the largest Indic libraries in North America, that too with a small team of translators, catalogers and book collectors who have joined in an effort to maintain, organize, and grow the library.

For those who wish to have access to the library, a request can be made at

At this site, those interested can also sign up to donate books or volunteer their services for the library. Alternatively, they can email directly with information about themselves or any books they wish to donate.