TAMIL NADU, INDIA, January 27, 2023 (The Print): Devotees gathered in very large numbers at Sri Dhandayuthapani Swamy temple in Palani on Friday for the grand Kumbabhishekam ceremony (consecration ceremony). As well the event was broadcast live across Tamil Nadu. There was a tight security deployment on the confined temple premises to prevent any untoward incident. Yaga pujas were performed prior to the consecration ceremony in a phased manner. The sixth and final one was performed on Thursday. A helicopter hovered over the temple, showering petals on Rajagopuram, a golden plane, as well as the on devotees who had thronged the premises for the consecration ceremony. According to sources, 4,000 VIPs and 2,000 devotees were allowed to personally witness the consecration ceremony.

The Palani Murugan Temple in Palani town is a sacred pilgrimage site for the devotees of Lord Muruga. The temple is considered as the third of Lord Muruga’s six houses and is revered for its spiritual and historical significance. As a part of the ceremony to synergize the mystic powers of the Deity, holy water was poured on the towers of various sub-shrines, including the gold tower and Rajagopuram. The ceremony included the recitation of twelve Thirumpi, Kandar Anubhuthi, and Thirupugakal mantras. The Kumbabhishekam is an elaborate and important event that is held once in twelve years. The last Kumbabhishekam ceremony at the Palani Murugan Temple was held 17 years ago.


For one hour video of the proceedings, watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK-UaxfGMhw
(Kumbhas poured at 14 mins and aerial shots of Palani Hill at 39 mins)