ITALY, June 23, 2024 (La Fedelta, Google translated from Italian): For the Indian community of Centallo and the province of Cuneo it was a dream. Since the beginning of June it has started to become reality. It is a new Hindu temple that will be built in the industrial area of ​​Madonna dei Prati on the north side of town. For the moment, you can see the orange construction fence; excavations for the construction of the foundations will soon begin. The works are carried out by the Ariaudo company, based on a project by the architect Michele Marengo; the building permit was issued by the Municipality on 17 May. The prospect is to see it completed by the end of the year or in the first months of 2025.

“It’s an idea we’ve had in mind for a couple of years”, Rajendra Singh, from Busca, whom we met on the site together with some of his compatriots, tells us. “We felt the need for it, for us and for our children, generations who were born and raised in Italy, to ensure that they do not forget our religion and our culture. And so, with a fund-raising among all our compatriots, which involved over 100 people, we managed to raise the sum necessary to buy the land and pay for the construction of the building”. Located in the Italian countryside 50 miles south of Turin, it will be the only Hindu temple that will be built from scratch in all of Piedmont. All the others are in already existing buildings, adapted to need. From the outside it will look similar to the industrial buildings surrounding it, with a green area and a parking area. Inside it will be adorned with statues, sacred images and colorful carpets.