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Government to Install Electric Crematorium at Haridwar
Posted on 2014/9/21 11:39:17 ( 254 reads )


INDIA, September 17, 2014 (Daily Pioneer): In a bid to save the environment, the State Government is all set to install an electric crematorium at Haridwar. "Union Minister for Water Resource Uma Bharati has agreed that she would consider the proposal," said Chief Minister Harish Rawat while addressing the media after meeting Bharti at the Chief Minister's residence on Tuesday late evening.

Bharti said she had come here as Prime Minister Narendra Modi's emissary. She added that she is here to support the State in saving the Ganga river from pollution. "We know Uttarakhand is already enjoying a special category status, but the disaster in 2013 annihilated the State tourism, and thus the State has become more special for Prime Minister Modi," she said.

The CM said, "We have urged Bharti to review the Eco Sensitive Zone area because it has severely dented into our development. As Ganga river is directly associated with our lifeline and it flows from Uttarakhand we are pretty serious about its cleanliness. For this, we are giving emphasis on the sewerage system and we would focus on solid waste management at the same time. As we have limited resources we would need financial help from the Union Government for its execution. Besides, we would install electric crematorium at Haridwar.""

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The Police in San Luis Practice Yoga for Stress
Posted on 2014/9/21 11:39:11 ( 304 reads )


SAN LUIS, ARGENTINA, September 8, 2014 (La Nacion): With support from the Ministry of Education of the province of San Luis, an Ayurvedic program, a system of traditional Indian medicine that balances mind and body, has begun. The police in the province of San Luis will have a rare opportunity to learn how to reduce stress levels in a program called "Ayurvedic Anti-Stress Program," a scientifically valid way to achieve balance between mind and body.

This program, which will be given at the Institute of Public Security, is intended for security officers who carry out their front-line duties in street services and law enforcement agencies, such as firefighters, police, radio command, traffic police and special units. The turnout is 50 per month, which will make a total of 200, and the total duration of the program shall be the final four months of 2014; with a provision that it will be continued with more participants in 2015.

According to the government of San Luis, since 1974 there have been over 600 scientific studies on this program at more than 250 universities and medical schools in 33 countries, which have shown many benefits among which are: faster recovery from post-traumatic stress, increase in short term memory and long-term increase in the rate of growth of intelligence, improvement in study and learning, less need for medical care, reducing hypertension, lowering cholesterol, free radicals, anxiety, insomnia and depression, marked stress reduction, deep relaxation, greater efficiency and productivity, effective rehabilitation of prisoners, reduced substance abuse, among many others.

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Calf in India Born with Third Eye Causes a Stir
Posted on 2014/9/21 11:39:05 ( 401 reads )


CHENNAI, INDIA, September 17, 2014 (UPI): A calf born in India with a third eye in the middle of its forehead is being hailed as an incarnation of the Hindu God Siva. The owner of the animal, a Tamil Nadu state resident identified as Meghala, said the "miracle calf" born two weeks ago is an incarnation of Lord Siva sent to the village to bring good luck. Hindu children have been visiting the calf to touch its head for good luck and a blessing from Shiva.

Short video at "source" of a calf which indeed has a third eye in the middle of its forehead.

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2014/9/21 11:38:58 ( 190 reads )


You may develop a thousand virtues and be reckoned as the greatest in the land. But the lotus of your heart will not blossom until you receive the grace of the Guru, the grace of God!
-- Dada Sadhu Vaswani

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Preparations for Kate Festival Vietnam
Posted on 2014/9/20 16:41:21 ( 268 reads )


VIETNAM, September 3, 2014 (Muinetourism). Kate Festival 2014 (commemorating the dead and honoring heroes) will officially take place from the 22nd to 23rd of October (in the beginning of the seventh month of the Cham calendar) at Po Sah Inu towers (Phan Thiet city) with many interesting traditional Hindu rituals and festivities.

In order to continue to introduce and promote cultural assets and traditional art of the Cham people and to participate in local tourism activities, ritual and festive parts of this festival are logically connected according to traditional rites, to show reverence, provide a cheerful atmosphere and solidarity between ethnic communities in Binh Thuan. the ritual program of Kate Festival will be strictly organized according to traditional custom, under the direction of Cham dignitaries from Ham Thuan Bac district.

As scheduled, rites will be officially started from 10:00 am on 22nd October. Afterwards, a ceremony to pray for peace will be performed by Bani and Balamon dignitaries at the Main Tower in the afternoon. Festive activities, such as a competition of arranging and decorating sacrifice to Po Sah Inu Goddess or traditional art performances with the participation of artists from Blue Ocean Theatre of Binh Thuan, will also be organized in this afternoon.

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