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Indian-American Students Shine at UC Berkeley Graduation
Posted on 2015/5/25 2:34:45 ( 403 reads )


BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, May 16, 2015 (Facebook): Last Saturday's UC Berkeley University commencement featured moving, personal remarks by top graduating senior Radhika Kannan. Kannan, UC Berkeley's most distinguished graduating senior and winner of the University Medal, earned the highest distinction in Economics and Conservation studies. Having grown up both in India and Singapore, two areas plagued by drought and floods, she developed a passion for environmental justice. She's is now headed to the University of Oxford for a Masters Degree. Kannan began her speech with "Mikka Nandri, Thank-you" to University Chancellor Dirks who she noted also speaks her mother tongue--Tamil. More on Radihika speech is at "source" above and an article about her here:

A second inspiring speech is by Vrinda Agarwal who gave the UC Berkeley Political Science Valedictorian Speech. She's worked on rights for women in India's slums, as well as rights for the poor communities of Oakland (Berkeley's next-door neighbor). Her long-term goal is to become the first female Indian-American US Senator. She's served as an officer of Berkeley's Hindu Students Council. Her speech is at:

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Kauai's Hindu Monastery Looking for Mobile App Developer
Posted on 2015/5/25 2:34:01 ( 362 reads )

KAUAI, HAWAII, May 24, 2015 (HPI): Kauai's Hindu Monastery, home of Hinduism Today, is looking for a team (or ace individual) to collaborate with for mobile app development. We have a modest budget (US$4-5,000) and ideas for a simple first app. We seek someone who can endure such limited budgets, perhaps an up-and-coming young designer/developer looking for clients? If we are a good fit, it could be a decades-long relationship.

Please contact: Sadasivanathaswami, Editor-in-Chief, Hinduism Today,

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2015/5/25 2:33:55 ( 329 reads )


The sages, being filled with universal love for all beings, did not want to keep their enlightenment to themselves. They declared to all: "O mortals, striving and struggling upon this Earth plane, weeping, wailing, buffeted by the vicissitudes of life: we have come upon a great discovery. There is something beyond these appearances, these vanishing names and forms that go to make up this universe. There is something beyond, which is the very source and support of all these objects of the phenomenal world. Why do you search in vain for happiness outside? Come, come, happiness resides within."
-- Swami Chidananda (1916-2008), president of Divine Life Society

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Jay Lakhani on BBC Bias Against India
Posted on 2015/5/24 4:00:18 ( 773 reads )


LONDON, ENGLAND, May 23, 2015 (YouTube): Jay Lakhani, a prominent teacher of Hinduism in the UK, explains why the media--specifically the BBC--is bias against India. He points out that the media only reports on the negative and avoids reporting on the positive, thereby giving a wrong impression of India. The video is short and to the point.

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Event to Launch Hindu Studies at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California
Posted on 2015/5/24 4:00:12 ( 696 reads )


BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, May 22, 2015 (Press Release): In partnership with Dharma Civilization Foundation, the Graduate Theological Union, has just launched a Master's Degree Program in Hindu Studies. This program will enable the creation of scholars in Hindu Dharma who are also practitioners who will present and teach the perspectives of the insiders to the traditions. In the fullness of time, these scholars will teach courses in Hindu Dharma in many main stream universities. Many thousands of students of future generations will derive immense value from these teachers.

So far, Hindu Studies has been the privilege of outsiders to the tradition itself i.e. those who examine Hinduism academically, and critically i.e. through Marxist, Freudian or otherwise suspicious eyes. South Asian studies Departments have focused on geo-political issues, and have not examined the many gifts of Hindu Dharma to humanity.

The Hindu Studies program aims to change that. A fund-raiser event will be held May 30, 2015, starting at 3 pm at the India Community Center in Milpitas. For more information on this limited-seating event, contact or 614-668-1668.

The event will include talks by Prof. Vamsee Juluri on his new book "Rearming Hinduism" and Prof. Riess Potterveld on the integration of Hindu Studies at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. A preview of activities over the next year will be given, including the continued development of the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Hindu Studies.

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