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Udupi: Sri Krishna Math Renovated - Kalabhisheka Held, Brahmakalashotsava on May 18

Posted on 2017/5/21 19:49:40 ( 250 reads )


UDUPI, INDIA, May 17 (Daiji World): Sri Krishna Math in the city, which is eight centuries old, has been thoroughly renovated and reconstructed for the first time under the initiative undertaken by Paryaya Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji of Pejawar Math. The Swamiji's long-cherished dream has come true. The outer precincts of the Math, which were built of mud in the past, have been replaced with tastefully carved wooden sculptures and the height of the precincts has been increased by one level. With this, more air and light will enter Sri Krishna Math. Brahmakalashotsava as part of the renovation and reconstruction is being held on May 18 on a grand scale. Thousands of devotees pay obeisance at Sri Krishna Math every day. The Math is famous across the country and abroad. Sri Krishna Math happens to be the hub for Dwaita philosophy, which is one of the three main philosophies of Hindu religion.

Full article and many colorful photos at "source" above.

International Conference on Sri Aurobindo at Hindu University of America

Posted on 2017/5/21 19:49:30 ( 258 reads )


ORLANDO, FLORIDA, May 17, 2017 (Press Release): The Hindu University of America, Orlando, USA, organized a two-day international conference on May 4 and 5, 2017, on the theme Relevance of Sri Aurobindo and the Grand Visions of the Ancient Indian Wisdom. Twenty-six speakers from India and the US participated in the conference and focused on various aspects of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and its relevance for the contemporary world.

The conference aimed at a discussion of Sri Aurobindo's perspectives on the intersection of spirituality and practicality towards a better organization of human life and society. The deliberations positioned his ideas in theoretical and policy debates on individual, state, society and world. Despite the profundity of his philosophy and its wider implications, Sri Aurobindo and his ideas are relatively less known in the West, and there have been few events to make an in-depth study of his philosophy. The conference was a step towards filling this gap.

For details on the conference see "source" above.

Aldous Huxley Describes the Dancing Shiva Image

Posted on 2017/5/21 19:49:19 ( 214 reads )


LONDON, U.K., 1961 (YouTube): The great writer Aldous Huxley (Brave New World, The Perennial Philosophy, The Doors of Perception, Island) describes the "Dancing Shiva" image (Nataraj) of the Hindu tradition and its immense significance and comprehensiveness. This is from an interview with Mr. Huxley which was done in 1961 in London and was recorded and distributed under the title "Speaking Personally". Fascinating short video at "source".

International Yoga Day Will Be Held at Tata Motors with Free Classes

Posted on 2017/5/21 19:49:09 ( 196 reads )


BOLIVIA, May 18, 2017 (Eju.tv, translated from Spanish): The International Association of Yoga and Yogism (Yoga en Sintesis) in Bolivia, with the collaboration of India's automotive icon, Tata Motors and its exclusive distributor, Bolivian Auto Motors, will celebrate on June 21, in the capital of Santa Cruz, the International Yoga Day with a program that is open and free to the public. In this way, Santa Cruz de la Sierra joins this worldwide initiative that many cities have welcomed with large public gatherings since the United Nations agreed three years ago to celebrate this international holiday in recognition of the contribution that yoga, as a holistic system, provides to those who practice it.

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2017/5/21 19:48:59 ( 161 reads )


If you stick to your principles, life becomes meaningful. Otherwise you become a rudderless vessel that is at the mercy of the winds.
-- Swami Tejomayananda, spiritual head of Chinmaya Mission

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