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Madhesi Uprising in Nepal: The Only Solution Lies in Making Constitution Inclusive
Posted on 2015/11/23 19:49:58 ( 219 reads )


NEPAL, November 21, 2015 (Daily Pioneer, editorial by Hari Bansh Jha): The Madhesi uprising cannot be resolved on foreign soil as it is a fight for democracy within the country. Blaming any other country without keeping its own house in order will only complicate the matter. If at all the problem is to be resolved, it would be possible to do so through negotiation with the Madhesi and Tharu leaders.

By imposing economic blockade at the main custom points between Nepal and India in protest against the newly promulgated and allegedly discriminatory Constitution in the Himalayan State, the United Democratic Madhesi Front and Tharuhat Struggle Committee have paralysed the entire economy of the country. People in Terai have been agitating for the last three months to pressure the country to meet their demand for the formation of two undivided federal provinces in the region to preserve their identity. Their other demands include population-based electoral constituencies for Parliament, proportionate representation in the civil services, and the removal of discriminatory clauses in citizenship rules.

As a result of the economic blockade, there has been acute shortage of essential commodities like food, medicine, and cooking gas. The present crisis was caused by a handful of ruling elites of Nepal when they decided to prepare the Constitution on a fast-track basis from June 2015 to serve their vested interests. In haste, the Constitution that could not be drafted in seven long years earlier was "accomplished" in just four months to enable certain people to come to power and retain it for long. In the course of Constitution-making process, the Madhesis, which comprise over half of Nepal's population of 28 million, were deprived of several rights given to others. For centuries, they have been victims of exclusionary policy of the State. Even today, Nepal administration has the least trust in these people, and therefore their presence in various State institutions is pathetically low.

More at source.

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PM Narendra Modi Inaugurates Statue of Swami Vivekananda in Malaysia
Posted on 2015/11/23 19:49:47 ( 211 reads )


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, November 22, 2015 (press release): Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ramakrishna Mission in Malaysia today. Inaugurating a statue of Swami Vivekananda there, Shri Modi said that Vivekananda was not only a name but he personified the thousands of years old Indian culture and civilization.

Further adding, Shri Modi mentioned that both Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa were in pursuit of truth which got them together. They were neither looking for a teacher nor a disciple. He hoped that statue of Vivekananda in Malaysia would be a source of inspiration to the people there.

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Foreign Women Wearing Short Dresses to Kashi Vishwanath Temple Will Now Be Advised to Wear Sari
Posted on 2015/11/23 19:49:37 ( 225 reads )


VARANASI, INDIA, November 23, 2015 (The News Minute): Foreign women visitors wearing short dresses to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi will now be advised to wear a sari while entering the temple according to an order issued by the temple trust, The Times of India reported. Though there won't be a dress code, but female visitors, especially foreigners, wearing shorts or dresses that end above the knee, would be advised to wear a sari, an official told TOI. The sari will be available free of cost at the entrance and visitors can either return it or keep it while leaving.

"No foreign woman is going to be stopped from offering prayer inside the sanctum sanctorum nor are we enforcing any dress code. It's a move to motivate foreign women, who reach the temple in short Western attire, to either avoid such dresses while planning to offer darshan at this temple or offer prayers as per the decorum," a temple official told the newspaper.

Kashi Vishwanath temple's deputy chief executive officer PN Dwivedi told The Indian Express that the decision to issue the order came following demands from domestic pilgrims who found short dresses worn by foreigners as "revealing." "Devotees from South India had been making demand of saree for women and dhoti-kurta for men on the lines of the dress code in Tirupati Balaji temple. It looks awkward when foreign female tourists enter the temple wearing short dresses," Dwivedi told IE.

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2015/11/23 19:49:26 ( 194 reads )


In the house of the seer there are five cows (the five senses), which without a cowherd wander everywhere. If they were controlled and their thirst quenched, they would give milk.
-- Tirumantiram, a sacred mystical treatise by Rishi Tirumular.

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London BAPS Temple Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Posted on 2015/11/22 19:58:23 ( 324 reads )


LONDON, ENGLAND, November 17, 2015 (YouTube): In 1995, construction work was completed on the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir - or Neasden Temple as it is popularly known. To celebrate the temple's 20th anniversary, the socio-spiritual Hindu organisation, BAPS, decided to mark the occasion with this magnifiaient documentary available at source above and covering the full celebration in August.

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