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"Gita My Basis for Counselling Hindus in U.S. Military," Says Dharm
Posted on 2014/11/25 16:06:23 ( 238 reads )


UNITED STATES, November 17, 2014 (The Hindu): Indian-American Pratima Dharm has been a pioneer on multiple counts - last month she was appointed as the first ever Hindu chaplain of a U.S. university and in 2011 she made history after the Pentagon named her as its first Hindu and inter-faith chaplain.

She served in the U.S. military through some of the hardest times faced by its soldiers in the battlefields of Iraq, and she counseled many of them afflicted by PTSD, steering them away from suicide, and helping them reclaim their familial relationships. She also participated in humanitarian aid missions into the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq, an experience that left her with a lasting ties to the people there.

In a conversation with Narayan Lakshman Ms. Dharm spoke of her deep links with India and the principles of Hinduism that she associates with her upbringing in the country, and also shared her thoughts on Hindus in the U.S. military and the kind of leader she hopes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be.

Much more of this interesting article at 'source.'

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World Hindu Congress Concludes in Delhi
Posted on 2014/11/25 16:06:17 ( 213 reads )


NEW DELHI, INDIA, November 25, 2014 (World Hindu News): World Hindu Congress 2014 was completed successfully with more than 1600 Hindu leaders from 50 countries participating. The mammoth congress had seven conference agendas, 45 sessions, 1500 delegates and 200 speakers from 50 countries. The conference reverberated the Hindu resurgence globally and enabled Hindu leaders and representatives from across the globe to share solution models for Hindu social, political, youth, women, business and media requirements.

The conference was held at Ashoka Hotel New Delhi under World Hindu Foundation (WHF). Swami Vigyanananda, president of World Hindu Foundation, thanked all participants and wished all the best of learning and development from World Hindu Congress 2014. The next World Hindu Congress 2018 is planned in United States under the stewardship of Dr. Abhaya Asthana.

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2014/11/25 16:06:11 ( 208 reads )


The atman in you is that which indwells all things." "Tell me, Yajnavalkya, about this atman that indwells all things." "It is that which transcends hunger and thirst, sorrow and delusion, old age and death."
-- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 3.5

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Pupils Will Study Two Religions in New UK Program
Posted on 2014/11/24 18:25:56 ( 342 reads )


ENGLAND, November 19, 2014 (BBC): Pupils in England will have to study two faiths under government proposals for a new "more academically rigorous" religious studies GCSE. The aim is to ensure pupils have a strong understanding of the central role of religion on British culture, says the government. The Department for Education says it has worked closely with experts from "all the major faith groups" to develop the qualification which is due for first teaching in September 2016.

Under the proposals, pupils will study "the beliefs, teachings and sources of wisdom" of at least two religions for the first half of their GCSE. The second half of the syllabus will allow pupils to study one or both in depth: looking at religious practice, religious texts and how faiths tackle philosophical and ethical issues.

Students may choose from Buddhism, Christianity, Catholic Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Sikhism. The option to study a humanist or non-religious world view is not included in this list.

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How Hema Ramaswamy Found Healing Through Traditional Indian Dance
Posted on 2014/11/24 18:25:50 ( 266 reads )


USA, November 19, 2014 (By Arun Venugopal, WNYC): Hema Ramaswamy, a young Indian-American woman with Down syndrome, performs her arangetram. After many years of preparation, Hema Ramaswamy of Middletown, N.J., is ready to unveil her arangetram, which literally means "ascending the stage." It is a major accomplishment that takes years of preparation. This moment, when a student of dance or music asserts her artistic independence, usually happens in the teen years. Ramaswamy is 23.

Ramaswamy, who has Down syndrome, originally began dancing for health reasons. "But then it became part of her, and she really loves and enjoys it, and it took her 13 years with a lot of challenges, midway, to complete this," explained her father, Ram. "And now today is a perfect day for her -- her graduating in this art." She was able to achieve this despite her diagnosis and despite two major surgeries for a dangerous leak of cerebrospinal fluid. Her father said dance has strengthened Ramaswamy's muscles and given her fine motor skills she simply didn't have before."I feel so happy in dancing," she beams, surrounded by a flurry of doting aunties while preparing for her performance.

Her father tells the crowd that Ramaswamy's arangetram was more than a dance graduation; it was the day she became, in the eyes of the world, a full individual. Having achieved this goal, Ramaswamy says, she now plans to go to college.

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