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Trinidad Youths Prepare for Krishna Leela in Tabaquite
Posted on 2014/7/30 16:00:18 ( 186 reads )


TABAQUITE,TRINIDAD,July 25, 2014 (by Seeta Persad, Newsday): Massive preparations are now taking place for the second annual Shri Krishna Leela at the Guaracara Recreation Ground in Tabaquite. This ten-day drama based on the life and times of the Hindu God Lord Krishna is being staged by the Krishna Rama Shakti Mandir (KRSM) of Tabaquite. This play runs from August 1 to 10 between the hours of 6 pm to 8 pm. Members of the KRSM will be playing the various roles in this unfolding drama of Lord Krishna.

According to Pundit Lackram, Chan Krishna Leela drama production depicts the exploits of Lord Krishna (an incarnation of God), when He took descent on Earth thousands of years ago in India. This is a play similar to Ramleela and it consists of scenes depicting Krishna's appearance from a baby to his teenage days.

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Sri Lanka Supreme Court Allows Animal Sacrifice in Hindu Temple
Posted on 2014/7/30 16:00:12 ( 188 reads )


COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, July 23, 2014 (Colombo Page): Sri Lanka's Supreme Court has ruled that the Hindu temples can perform animal sacrifice under controlled conditions. The apex court on Monday hearing an appeal filed by the trustees of the Sri Bhadrakali Amman Kovil at Munneswaram in Chilaw ruled that the Hindu Temple can slaughter the animals under the supervision of the Public Health Department.

In recent years the customary ritual of sacrificing hundreds of goats and fowl in the annual feast of the Munneswaram Sri Bhadra Kali Amman Kovil in Chilaw has come under severe protest from the animal lovers, Buddhist clergy and politicians. (HPI Note: The Buddhists of Sri Lanka are not vegetarians.)

The Chief Justice Mohan Peiris said he is not ready to ban the animal sacrifice since the practice was hundreds of years old. However, he said the number of animals slaughtered normally is too high and urged the devotees to talk to each other to bring down the number of animals killed. He ordered the temple authorities to slaughter one animal at a time in a specially designated enclosure away from the public view under the supervision of the Public Health Department.

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First Indian Diaspora Conference in Belize
Posted on 2014/7/30 16:00:06 ( 231 reads )

BELIZE, July 29, 2014 (Press Release): The Corozal Organization of East Indian Culture and Heritage (COEICH) and the National East Indian Council of Belize - Southern Chapter (NEICBSC), along with the National Institute of Culture and History of Belize (NICH) are having the first Indian diaspora conference in Belize August 6 to 10, 2014. The theme of the conference is: "Highlighting Indian Culture and Contribution in a Multi-ethnic Society." The first two days of the conference will be held in Corozal Town (Northern Belize) and the next two days will be held in Punta Gorda Town (Southern Belize).

Academic presentations will be given by presenters from the United States, the Caribbean and Belize. Other presentations will be given by elders and others from the Indian community in Belize. Some of the areas covered in the conference include race relations, entrepreneurship, dreams of young East Indians, medicine, identity, migration, indentured laborers, East Indian women, reparation, outstanding East Indians in Belize, and agriculture, including sugar cane and rice production and yellow ginger processing.

For more information, email

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2014/7/30 15:59:59 ( 166 reads )


It is far easier to conquer others than to conquer oneself, because the former can be attained by recourse to outside means, while the latter can be achieved only with one's own mind.
-- Mahatma Gandhi(1869-1948)

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New Book Highlights Historic Temples of Pakistan
Posted on 2014/7/28 17:13:44 ( 318 reads )


PAKISTAN, July 26, 2014 (ndtv): The book, "Historic Temples in Pakistan: A Call to Conscience," authored by Karachi-based journalist Reema Abbasi, focuses on minority Hindus who celebrate Indian festivals on the other side of the border. A result of extensive research, the book highlights around 400 photographs that cover different aspects of overlooked historical temples and shrines in Pakistan that few know about.

Madiha Aijaz who teaches photography at the Indus Valley School of Architecture, does justice to the book by beautifully capturing the multi-colored and vibrant images. "It is a subject that is just so less documented and it hasn't been talked about," she says.

Reema and Madiha travelled far and wide to various pilgrimage sites like Hinglaj, the abode of goddess Durga in Balochistan; the Katas Raj temple in Punjab, one of the holiest in Hinduism and known for providing refuge to the Pandavas; the Kalka cave temple in Sindh; the Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir in Karachi, among others.

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