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Festival Of India In South Africa 2014 Announced
Posted on 2014/7/22 18:08:09 ( 88 reads )


SOUTH AFRICA, July 20, 2014 (Indian Spice): The largest-ever national festival showcasing Indian culture & heritage in South Africa is set to kick off this week. The year "2014" marks 20 years of diplomatic relations between India and South Africa since the end of apartheid era; and 100 years since the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa to India on 18 July 1914. The Indian community was fundamental in the overall development of the country and nation building including the struggle against apartheid.

The festival also coincides with the celebration of life and values of our liberation struggle icon, "Tata" Nelson Mandela. The Department of Arts and Culture is proud to co-host the Festival of India in commemorating this milestone achievement. This festival will showcase Indian performing arts, exhibitions of modern Indian art, visual and photographic digital exhibitions on the late Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, food festivals, film festivals as well as events involving Indian and South African scholars and writers.

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Sankat Mochan Kendra Opens Its Doors
Posted on 2014/7/22 18:08:03 ( 78 reads )


AUSTRALIA, July 20, 2014 (Indian Sun): Sankat Mochan Samiti (SMS) celebrated the opening of Sankat Mochan Kendra (SMK), on June 15. This is the first North Indian Hindu temple, social welfare kendra and Indian cultural education institution of its kind in Australia. The SMK will cater not only to the Hindu population but also other communities interested in Hinduism. More than 1,000 devotees attended the inaugural function of SMK located at 1289A North Road, Huntingdale, 3166

The ceremony began with a prayer to Lord Ganesh, after which the Vastu Puja and Navagraha Puja were performed. The most overwhelming ceremony, which took place for the first time in the history of Australia, was when 11,000 ahutis (offerings of sacred mixture of grains, ghee and aromatic perfumes) were offered to the Gods and the maha Gayatri mantra performed. Five stations were carefully placed with all the precautions of fire safety, as Havan Kunds, with eight devotees at every station. It was a powerful ceremony with divine vibrations keeping the full of spiritual energy. The volunteers made sure that every one who wanted to participate in the mantra ahutis could do so as several of them had traveled long distances to be part of it.

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In a First, CBSE Asks Schools to Celebrate Sanskrit Week
Posted on 2014/7/22 18:07:56 ( 80 reads )


NEW DELHI, INDIA, July 16, 2014 (Financial Express): In a circular dated June 30, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked the Directorate of Education of various states, including New Delhi, Arunachal Pradesh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, to celebrate Sanskrit Week in their schools from August 7-14 this year. It also asked principals to commence "Sanskrit-related activities" from July onwards and send in entries for selection at the national level by July 20, 2014.

"The celebration of Sanskrit Week would provide a medium for popularizing Sanskrit and stimulating the interest in the language by increasing the awareness about the close relationship between Sanskrit and other languages and the cultural heritage in India. The Sanskrit Week in schools may encourage linguistic creativity among students and provide them an opportunity to benefit from the systematic structure around Sanskrit...," the circular reads.

According to CBSE, the schools may hold short-speech competitions for students from classes IX to XII. Another proposed national-level competition for students is essay-writing in Sanskrit. CBSE also directed schools to organize Yuva Sansad or Youth Parliaments, seminars for teachers on "practical applications of Sanskrit," screen Sanskrit films and organise interactions for children with eminent Sanskrit scholars.

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Delhi's Infamous Tihar Jail Opens a Vegetarian Restaurant for the Public
Posted on 2014/7/22 18:07:48 ( 86 reads )


NEW DELHI, INDIA, July 18, 2014 (Wall Street Journal): New Delhi's infamous Tihar Jail--home to more than 13,000 inmates--has opened a restaurant that serves comfort food crafted by criminals. Tihar Food Court opened earlier this month in the sprawling Tihar complex, the largest prison in South Asia. Samosas and other snacks along with drinks like lassi and even a thali with a variety of vegetarian dishes are on the menu.

The simple restaurant has seating for 45 and no iron bars, metal detectors or armed guards. It has indoor and outdoor seating, a tandoor oven and its cream walls are decorated with pieces of art painted by prisoners. It has small staff of a constable manager and seven convicts who have proven themselves through good behavior during long years in Tihar. While the restaurant is still waiting for more government approvals to officially open, it started a soft launch on July 10 to test whether it will attract customers.

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2014/7/22 18:07:41 ( 81 reads )


With love enshrined in the heart, one truly lives. Without it, the body is but bones encased in skin.
-- Tirukkural

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