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The 4th Hindu Mandir Priest Conference (HMPC) Held in Minnesota
Posted on 2015/5/28 4:28:54 ( 46 reads )


MINNESOTA, U.S., May 23, 2013 (World Hindu News): Hindu Mandir Priests' Conference (HMPC) is an initiative of the Hindu Mandir Executives' Conference. The mission of HMEC is to provide leadership to the Hindu-American community by encouraging Hindu temples across North America to nourish, protect, and sustain Hindu Dharma. The 4th annual HMPC was hosted by Hindu Temple of Minnesota, MN from May 15-16, 2015.

This year, over 55 pundits, adults, and youth delegates attended this conference, representing various Mandirs and Hindu organizations across the nation. The conference was organized into four sessions, and the topics were consistent with the HMPC's objective: Sustainability and Advancement of Sanatana Dharma by making the modes of worship meaningful and relevant for the younger generation of Hindus. The four sessions were: Role and relationship of Priests, Sustaining Hindu temples, Community links, and Hindu American Youth viewpoint.

Full details of conference events at "source".

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The Great Indian Kingdoms Which Never Got a Significant Place in Our School History Books
Posted on 2015/5/28 4:28:16 ( 51 reads )


INDIA, May 25, 2015 (South Report by Reshmanth): [HPI Note: This is an excellent presentation on the many neglected kingdoms of Indian history. The site has a short description of each with a map.]

All we ever studied in our history books was all about the glorified history of a very few kingdoms like the Mughal Dynasty, Mysore Dynasty and the Delhi sultanates. This article brings to focus the real legacy of Indian kings and dynasties under whom India progressed and flourished as a cultural, spiritual and social nation.

The Pandyan dynasty was the ancient Tamil dynasty, one of the three Tamil dynasties, the other two being Chola and Chera. No other dynasty in the world has ruled more duration than the Pandyas. Pandyas were experts in water management, agriculture (mostly near river banks) and fisheries and they were eminent sailors and sea traders too. They controlled the pearl fisheries along the South Indian coast, between Sri Lanka and India, which produced some of the finest pearls in the known ancient world.

Other great kingdoms include: The Pallava Dynasty, Maratha Empire, Vijayanagara Empire, Kingdom of Kochin, Kakatiya Dynasty, Gajapathi Kingdom, The Chola Dynasty, Satavahana Kingdom, Hoysala Empire, Magadha Kingdom, The Chalukyas, The Mauryas, The Rajputs, Nanda Dynasty and The Guptas.

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2015/5/28 4:28:11 ( 40 reads )


Even in search of extraordinary gains, the wise will never speak trivial or useless words.
-- Tirukkural 198

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Indian-American Students Shine at UC Berkeley Graduation
Posted on 2015/5/25 2:34:45 ( 644 reads )


BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, May 16, 2015 (Facebook): Last Saturday's UC Berkeley University commencement featured moving, personal remarks by top graduating senior Radhika Kannan. Kannan, UC Berkeley's most distinguished graduating senior and winner of the University Medal, earned the highest distinction in Economics and Conservation studies. Having grown up both in India and Singapore, two areas plagued by drought and floods, she developed a passion for environmental justice. She's is now headed to the University of Oxford for a Masters Degree. Kannan began her speech with "Mikka Nandri, Thank-you" to University Chancellor Dirks who she noted also speaks her mother tongue--Tamil. More on Radihika speech is at "source" above and an article about her here:

A second inspiring speech is by Vrinda Agarwal who gave the UC Berkeley Political Science Valedictorian Speech. She's worked on rights for women in India's slums, as well as rights for the poor communities of Oakland (Berkeley's next-door neighbor). Her long-term goal is to become the first female Indian-American US Senator. She's served as an officer of Berkeley's Hindu Students Council. Her speech is at:

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Kauai's Hindu Monastery Looking for Mobile App Developer
Posted on 2015/5/25 2:34:01 ( 578 reads )

KAUAI, HAWAII, May 24, 2015 (HPI): Kauai's Hindu Monastery, home of Hinduism Today, is looking for a team (or ace individual) to collaborate with for mobile app development. We have a modest budget (US$4-5,000) and ideas for a simple first app. We seek someone who can endure such limited budgets, perhaps an up-and-coming young designer/developer looking for clients? If we are a good fit, it could be a decades-long relationship.

Please contact: Sadasivanathaswami, Editor-in-Chief, Hinduism Today,

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