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New Book Highlights Historic Temples of Pakistan
Posted on 2014/7/28 17:13:44 ( 191 reads )


PAKISTAN, July 26, 2014 (ndtv): The book, "Historic Temples in Pakistan: A Call to Conscience," authored by Karachi-based journalist Reema Abbasi, focuses on minority Hindus who celebrate Indian festivals on the other side of the border. A result of extensive research, the book highlights around 400 photographs that cover different aspects of overlooked historical temples and shrines in Pakistan that few know about.

Madiha Aijaz who teaches photography at the Indus Valley School of Architecture, does justice to the book by beautifully capturing the multi-colored and vibrant images. "It is a subject that is just so less documented and it hasn't been talked about," she says.

Reema and Madiha travelled far and wide to various pilgrimage sites like Hinglaj, the abode of goddess Durga in Balochistan; the Katas Raj temple in Punjab, one of the holiest in Hinduism and known for providing refuge to the Pandavas; the Kalka cave temple in Sindh; the Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir in Karachi, among others.

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New Hampshire Hindu Community Hosts Puran
Posted on 2014/7/28 17:13:38 ( 175 reads )


CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, July 11, 2014 (Concord Monitor): From the windows of the Heights Community Center auditorium in Concord, a man's monotone voice chants holy Sanskrit legends. This is Srimad Bhagavata Maha Purana, a week of devotion and community organized by the new Hindu Faith Trust of NH.

The people inside pray for peace around the world, enlightenment in their own hearts and brotherhood in their community. From 9 a.m. until the evening, every day until Wednesday, people will gather in the auditorium to pray, chant, dance and sing, and receive blessings. Organizers from the Hindu Faith Trust said they expect people from across New England to attend over the weekend.

Though it has been organized mainly by Hindus from Bhutan, the event is designed to bring New Hampshire's Hindu community - from India, Nepal and elsewhere - together to worship and bond. Less than 1 percent of the population in New Hampshire is Hindu, according to a study released in April, but that population is growing and seeking to build places to gather for traditional services and festivals.

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Yoga %26 Memory
Posted on 2014/7/28 17:13:31 ( 307 reads )


UNITED STATES, July 27, 2014 (She Knows): New studies suggest that regular exercise, and yoga in particular, plays a big role in keeping the mind active and memory intact. A series of studies published in Science and the Journal of Neuroscience showed that exercise can stimulate new brain cells, which can then migrate from one area of the brain to another allowing you in essence to "create a new brain," according to the author of "Brain Longevity," Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, in an article published on Yoga Journal.

But the catch, according to Khalsa, is that in order to keep those new brain cells alive and active, one must be relieved of as much stress as possible. That's why the practice of yoga, which engages the mind, body and spirit, is the perfect solution to the problem.

"We took people with memory loss and prescribed 12 minutes of kirtan kriya [a technique used in kundalini yoga that combines meditation, mudra, chanting and mantra] every day," Khalsa states. "After eight weeks, you can see on our scans that after the meditation, the blood flow to the frontal lobe, the area responsible for attention, concentration and focus, is improved." Khalsa also noted that the main components of yoga -- exercise, posture, focused breathing and meditation -- are all good for the brain. "Because of that," he said, "yoga should go far in creating positive brain changes."

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2014/7/28 17:13:19 ( 153 reads )


Just as the Earth bears those who dig into her, it is best to bear with those who despise us.
-- Tirukkural

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Priests Decide to Clean Ganga Ghats on Sundays
Posted on 2014/7/27 17:47:42 ( 248 reads )


ALLAHABAD, INDIA, July 14, 2014 (Times of India): In a unique initiative of making the holy river clean and pollution-free, the priests of the city have decided to clean the banks of Ganga every Sunday. Many priests assembled at Sangam today and started cleaning the banks. They also created awareness among the people for keeping the ghats clean and making the river pollution-free.

General secretary of Prayagwal Sabha Rajendra Paliwal said: "Ganga is holy and sacred for us from time immemorial. It is our prime duty to keep the river pure and make it pollution-free. The responsibility of keeping the river clean is also on the priests. Therefore, we have decided to clean the banks of Ganga every Sunday and urge the people to join and lend support in making the river clean."

In the cleanliness drive, priests belonging to various organizations like Narayan Sewa Sansthan, Prayag Dharam Sangh, Beni Madhav Sansthan and others participated. They picked up polythene, flowers, garlands and other material lying scattered at the Sangam.

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