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UK Gurkhas Install a Shivalingam at Gatterick Garrison Army Base
Posted on 2014/4/13 18:36:00 ( 352 reads )


UNITED KINGDOM, April 10, 2014 (The Northern Echo): Hindu followers from across the region took part in a ceremony today to mark the installation of a statue at a temple for Gurkha soldiers. Shivalinga, the representation of the Hindu God Lord Shiva, was erected in an annex to the Gurkha Temple at the Infantry Training Centre (ITC) in Catterick Garrison.

The statue was donated by Swami Shri Gopal Sharan Devacharya Ji Maharaj, a high ranking Hindu priest who visited the ITC in 2012. Pundit Atmaram Dahal, Gurkha Company religious teacher, said: "The statue was constructed in India before being donated to our temple.

Captain Rajeshkumar Gurung, from Gurkha Company, said religion played an important part in the development of recruits, with religious teachers using examples of Lord Shiva to explain the moral component and duties of a soldier in combat.

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In Malang, Celebrating Nyepi With A Javanese Infusion
Posted on 2014/4/13 18:35:53 ( 227 reads )


MALANG, INDONESIA, April 6, 2014 (The Jakarta Globe): Rice cakes wrapped in palm leaves, or ketupat, is a usually a treat reserved for the Islamic holiday of Idul Fitri, but for Hindus in Malang, East Java, ketupat serves as a customary dish in celebrating Nyepi, the day of silence.

Last week, 33 educational institutions and temples in Malang participated in a ceremony on Balekambang Beach to celebrate one of the biggest holidays in the local Hindu calendar. The ceremony, called Jala Nidhi Puja, is held before Nyepi and it beautifully displays the diversity of Indonesia. In Sanskrit, "jala " means sea, "nidhi " means sanctity and "puja " means ceremony.

Apart from the use of ketupat and the Javanese gamelan, Hindus in Malang also decorate their offerings differently from their better-known counterparts in Bali. Every offering contains five mandatory elements: leaves, flowers, fruits, water and incense. Suharsono, the chairman of the Indonesian Hindu Association (PDHI) in Malang, said that they customized their offerings according to the things that flourished in their hometown, but staples like yellow rice, bananas and yellow palm fronds were a common element.

More at source.

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World's Hindu Experts to Meet in Bali
Posted on 2014/4/13 18:35:47 ( 264 reads )


DENPASAR, BALI, April 12, 2014 (The Jakarta Post): Hindu experts from around the world are slated to gather in Denpasar, Bali, next Thursday, to attend the second World Hindu Wisdom Meet. Five hundred delegates from six countries, namely India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore and the UK, have confirmed their attendance.

The meeting, which will discuss Hindu-based education, is being organized by the World Hindu Parisad, a Hindu discussion and deliberation forum that aims to expand the network of Hindus around the globe.

"We hope the meeting will result in a set of basic principles and essential referrals that can be used by Hindus for guidance in developing Hindu-based education and educational institutions," World Hindu Parisad's president, Ida Pedanda Ketut Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa, said during a press conference in Denpasar on Friday.

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Hinduism Today High Resolution Images of Saint Akka Mahadevi
Posted on 2014/4/13 18:35:42 ( 297 reads )


KAUAI, HAWAII, April 12, 2014 (HPI): Click source above to see the three pieces of art we've found so far of Saint Akka Mahadevi of Karnataka. Unfortunately, none are high enough resolution for use in Hinduism Today magazine. We need photos taken at least 1024 pixels wide, with a file size of at least 1.5MB. If you have something, or know where we can get it, kindly email us at

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Daily Inspiration
Posted on 2014/4/13 18:35:35 ( 179 reads )


The son's duty to his father is to make the world ask, "by what great austerities did he merit such a son?"
-- Tirukkural

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