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Hinduism Today’s print circulation for April, 2021 was a total of 8,965 copies. The Hinduism Today App has been downloaded 4810 times on Andriod and 7,018 times on Apple’s iOS.

About Our Readers

Hinduism Today readers are mostly Hindu or Indophiles, mostly professional and affluent, and often students, artists or people dedicated to worthy causes. They are in general religious and active practitioners, sometimes seekers, or simply people who wish to learn more of Hinduism’s varied aspects and branches.

The great majority wish to grow in spiritually and count on the magazine to provide the inspiration and tools to proceed.

They respond well to announcements about spiritual events, teachings, teachers, books and devotional items such as deity statues. They are highly interested in the various areas the magazine covers: news of Hindus and like-minded people and Hinduism worldwide, tolerance, ahimsa, vegetarianism, healthy and natural lifestyles, ecology, interfaith harmony, yoga, meditation and traditional ethical principles.

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