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Hinduism Today is the premier flagship journal for the world oldest living faith. Get in-depth feature stories of Hinduism’s key institutions, leaders and issues. Read opinions and testimony from youth, men and women on Hinduism’s contemporary challenges and achievements. Educational insight sections offer ancient wisdom in a modern language and graphically-rich format. Follow Hindu trends on food, yoga, ecology and more. Learn more about the thriving and rich spiritual landscape of India. Keep tabs on the steadily expanding network of Hindu temples and communities all over the world. Key Features: – The same stunning visual graphics you find in Hinduism Today’s quarterly print edition – Portrait and landscape viewing in two modes (single page, double page) on all compatible devices, including zoom with razor-sharp text and high-quality graphics – Simple navigation – Live table of contents for instant access to the stories of your choice – Copy and paste tools, page notes, bookmarks and highlighting – Social media integration for easy sharing of magazine editions and articles – Easy access to the entire Hinduism Today website, including archived editions not available in the app – From this app you also have access to the vast resources available on Himalayan Academy’s websites, including videos, slideshows, artwork, teaching resources and more.