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13 Priests for Britz Hindu Temple in Berlin

on 2013/9/17 4:41:04 ( 1800 reads )


BERLIN, GERMANY, September 3, 2013 (Berliner Zeitung): The temple room is sumptuously decorated, but it's not all finished. Nevertheless Berlin's first Hindu temple will be opened this weekend with a two-day ceremony. High priests from India are officiating. Visitors are invited.

On Saturday, Berlin's first temple is scheduled to open, and it looks as if the construction work could go on for months. The floor is not tiled, the shrines are unfinished. But Nadarajah Thiagaraja remains calm. The chairman of the Mahasabhai Association says that the temple was built with the blessing of the Gods and the opening date has been determined by a high priest according to the lunar calendar. In the basement the statues of the Gods are waiting, as well as dried herbs, spices and endless packs of incense.

This weekend the 600 members of the Hindu Mahasabhai Association will open their Sri Mayurapathy Murugan temple in the Britz suburb of Berlin. It is Berlin's first free-standing temple. It is topped by with two towers, nine and eleven meters tall. It is about 200 square meters, with a richly decorated temple room containing seven shines.

A two-day ceremony will be performed by two chief priests with eleven assistant priests. "God is asked to enter the temple and to give it divine energy. It's like the birth of a child," says Sivanese Kurukal, one of the chief priests.

[HPI adds: Tamil language videos of the temple construction can be seen at Mayurapathy Murugan Berlin YouTube channel, for example]

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