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Admar Mutt Appoints Junior Pontiff

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KUNJARGIRI, INDIA, June 20, 2014 (The Hindu): Vishwapriya Tirtha Swami of Admar Math on Thursday anointed a junior seer of the math, which is one of the eight monastery or Ashta Maths of Udupi. Ishapriya Tirtha Swami (29) was anointed after he accepted sannyas diksha or intitiation as a sannyasin monk. He is the 33rd seer in the lineage or guru parampara of Admar Math.

Various rituals, including Pattabhishekha, were conducted amidst chanting of mantras at Sri Durgadevi temple, which is located atop a hill here. All the rituals took place under the guidance of Vishvapriya Tirtha Swami. Vidyadheesha Tirtha Swami of Palimar Math was also present. Ishapriya Tirtha will study shastras under his guidance.

A large number of devotees had come to witness the event. A BE degree holder in Mechanical Engineering, Ishapriya Tirtha Swami is the first highly academically qualified seer at the Ashta Maths. Herga Vedavyasa Bhat, priest at Sri Krishna Math, Udupi, told press persons that before giving sannyas initiation to a person, his inclination towards spirituality was checked. His horoscope was also consulted.

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