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Are New Delhi's Crematoria Receiving Their Fair Share?

on 2000/12/2 8:47:02 ( 2098 reads )

Source: The Hindu, November 28, 2000

NEW DELHI,INDIA: The populace of New Delhi lacks proper facilities for the honorable disposal of our mortal encasement after the soul continues its journey. Of the 271 crematoria available in the city, only three well-maintained ones, Nigambodh Ghat, Punjabi Bagh and Lodi Road, are primarily used. Most of the other crematoria lack adequate lighting, boundary walls, approach roads, and in most cases wood to fuel the funeral pyre. Even though the Municipal Corporation of Delhi runs 60 of the crematoria, only eight have acceptable standards. In residential areas over 210 are below sub-standard. The government appears to be making no effect to rectify the situation. However, according to New Delhi mayor, Mr. Shanti Desai, the goal of the MCD is to provide well-kept facilities across the Capital every three square kilometers. This would ensure that families do not have to pay exorbitant fees to have bodies transferred to an acceptable crematorium. Funding of US$391,000 was provided to the MCD for development of the crematoria in the year 2000.

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