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Bal Shree Award Winners: "Our Success Is Due To Blessings from Gurus And Parents"

on 2011/8/8 5:35:18 ( 5315 reads )

The prestigious Bal Shree Awards for the year 2008, 2009 and 2010 were conferred to 147 Awardees at a glittering ceremony at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi by the Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development Dr. D. Purandeswari, here on Monday, July 25th, 2011 in the evening. The honor function was presided over by Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy and Chairperson, National Bal Bhavan, Smt. Anshu Vaish.

National Bal Bhavan is a creativity resource centre for children within the age group of 5-16 years which has affiliated state Bal Bhavans across the country. It organizes numerous creative and innovative programmes at Local, Zonal, National and sometimes even at International Level to honor and nurture the creativity in children of India irrespective of their socio economic status through National Bal Shree Scheme.

This scheme seeks to identify creative children within the age group of 9-16 years in four identified areas of creativity i.e. Creative Performance, Creative Art, Creative Scientific Innovations and Creative Writing.

Immediately after the award presentation ceremony, there was a special dinner hosted at Nation Bal Bhavan. All the awardees were elegantly dressed in white kurtas over which they wore a raw silk jacket. This ethnic dress was provided to them by the organizers.

Most of the award winners were seen touching the feet of their gurus and parents to whom they gave the credit for their success. They were once again bowing to them and seeking their blessings. In doing this they were following the traditions of India's guru shishya parampara which was still deeply ingrained in the character and behavior of these award winning star kids.

Arpan Kole, 13, from Singur, West Bengal, winner of creative performance award for the year 2009, saiid, "I feel participating in Bal Shree scheme is in itself a great achievement. At our home shrine we worship Lord Krishna, Ma Saraswati and Goddess Kali. Many of the songs that I sing are sung in the praise of Lord Krishna."

"I am a student at Vivekananda Mission School in Kolkata," said Najreen Islam, 17, from Kolkata, West Bengal, winner of creative writing award for the year 2009. "The most inspiring line of Swami Vivekananda is - 'Stop not till the goal is reached.' This is what our school has been trying to instill in our minds. I must also say that I could get this award due to the blessings of my teachers and encouragement given by my parents and elder sister."

Rashmi Ravishankar, 16, from Bangalore, winner of creative performance award for the year 2010, echoes that praise for the parents. "My dancing has improved my concentration in studies and also increased my capacity of focusing on things. But I could not have won this award or made a name for myself in the field of dance without the total support of my parents. It is said that if one dances, the whole family has to keep dancing behind the child to let the performing child, keep dancing. That is the level of commitment you need from the parents of a dancer."

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