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Bali Demands Stricter Regulations For Tourist Visits To Temples

on 2013/12/13 2:30:11 ( 1739 reads )


BALI, November 11, 2013 (eturbo news): Bali's tourist industry is urging the provincial administration to implement stricter regulations for tourist visits to temples instead of banning them, saying tourism was fine as long as the purity of places of worship was upheld. The statement was made in connection with Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika's plan to halt the national strategic tourism plans (KSPN) for sites on the island and to exclude Hindu temples from tourist visits.

Head of the Bali office's Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI), Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, said on Friday that the industry had discussed the matter and decided that the strategy was necessary to promote the island's tourism. Wijaya acknowledged that temple visits were one of Bali's main attractions, as well as being sacred places, however saying, "We need to behave well in every activity, including entering temples." He added that restricting temples from public visits would be counterproductive to all parties. "To the businesspeople and to the locals. Because local tour guides, souvenir sellers and kiosk owners get a living from tourists," he stated.

Hence, Wijaya said that the industry expected to speak directly with the governor in relation to this matter. Tourists actually respected the regulations in these places of worship, and would honor restrictions, such as no entrance being allowed for menstruating women.

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