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BBC Documentary: The Story of the Swastika

on 2014/8/2 3:14:12 ( 3433 reads )

LONDON, ENGLAND, May 13, 2014 (BBC): At last, the BBC has produced an excellent video explaining how Hitler hijacked the swastika--a symbol of auspiciousness used by ancient cultures worldwide and held sacred by Hindus--and distorted its meaning so that the Western world now regards it with fear and loathing, as a symbol of hatred and genocide. Footage of Nazi Germany is contrasted with the swastika's uses and significance in Hindu culture and religious observances. Although the narrator doubts we can ever effect a complete recovery (even saying that Hitler "changed the perception of the swastika in the West forever"), the video ends on a very positive note, hypothesizing the day when each child's early exposure to the swastika will be in terms of its traditional, benevolent uses and meanings--and the later knowledge of Hitler's misuse of it will be met with the same sense of sock, horror and outrage that Hindus themselves feel. "And if we can get to that point, then Hitler will have finally been defeated."

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