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Book Review: The Case For India - Will Durant - 1930

on 2012/11/11 3:06:45 ( 4555 reads )


February 2012 (Reflections Blog): The "Case For India" written in 1930 by the famed American Historian, Will Durant scores: "This was not the destruction of a minor civilization produced by an inferior people. It ranks with the highest civilizations of history, and some would place it at the head and summit of all - like Keyserling.... when the British cannons attacked.... the Hindus surrendered at once lest one of the most beautiful creations of mankind be destroyed. Who, then, were the civilized people? (The Hindus or The English?) The British conquest of India was the destruction of a high civilization by a trading company utterly without scruple or principal, overrunning with fire, sword, bribery, murder a country temporarily disordered and helpless"

"India was a far greater industrial and manufacturing nation than any in Europe or Asia, producing textile, metal works, jewelry, precious stones, pottery, architecture. She had great merchants, businessmen, ship building -- nearly every kind of manufacture known to the civilized world was already in India."

This book brings home the fact that among all the ancient civilizations, the Indian civilization stands as the only civilization to have survived all through history virtually unchanged. We were there during Babylon, we were there during the time of the Greeks, we were there when Rome was at its height, we were there when Europe was rising... and today,we are still present... with the same culture, same ethos, worshipping the same Gods as we used to 3500 - 5000 years ago, eating virtually the same kind of food... virtually unchanged.

More at "source" on this remarkable indictment by Durant of the British rule.

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