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California Moves to Ban Bedis
on 2001/9/21 9:45:02 ( 912 reads )

Source: India West

SACRAMENTO, USA, September 21, 2001: Senator Deborah Ortiz, Democrat for Sacramento, drafted a measure that would allow the sale of "bidis" only in bars and other businesses that do not allow minors to enter. Bidis, made from the flakes and dust of dark tobacco, are hand rolled, filterless cigarettes that often come in a variety of candy-like flavors. They are mainly imported from India and Southeast Asia and have become increasingly popular among young smokers because of their low price. According to the state attorney general, bidis produce three times the carbon monoxide and nicotine and about five times the amount of tar than a normal cigarette. The Senate voted 21-12 Sept. 4 to approve Assembly amendments to the bill and send it to the governor.

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