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Cow Slaughter at Christian School

on 2001/5/20 9:45:02 ( 1404 reads )


BREA, CALIFORNIA, May 18, 2001: Students of Carbon Canyon Christian school, located in a rural area in Southern California, witnessed the slaughter of a 1,000 pound steer they had raised at the school as part of a demonstration to teach them where meat comes from. Students as young as 5-years-old watched as the butcher used a stun gun to immobilize the 2-year-old steer named T-Bone. The animal was then cut apart with a knife, and skinned. The organs were removed, giving the students a close-up look at the heart, the tendons and other parts of the carcass. Most of the students were fascinated and school teachers regarded it as a valuable educational experience. Teen-age protesters from outside the school tried to stop the slaughter by forming a human chain to prevent the butcher from entering the school. Among the many animal rights groups shocked by the incident was Los Angeles-based Last Chance for Animals. A spokesperson for the group cautioned that the lesson may have a lasting effect on children and stated that, "Studies have shown that when children view violence against animals, it desensitizes them to animal cruelty and makes them more aggressive.

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