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Dalai Lama Attends U.S. Conference on Meditation Research
on 2001/5/24 9:48:02 ( 965 reads )


MADISON,WISCONSIN, May 20, 2001: Collaborating with the Mind & Life Conference consisting of Western philosophers and scientists, the Dalai Lama will attend the University of Wisconsin on May 22 and May 23 to observe a research session on emotions and the brain. The highlight of this session will be research conducted on the brain of Buddhist monk and French biologist, Matthieu Ricard, a dedicated meditator. High-tech equipment at the University's $10-million-dollar laboratory is able to track biochemicals in the brain and observe how the brain responds to different emotions. A huge 16-ton magnet in what is called a MRI scanner can track the brain as it processes information and emotions while PET uses radioactive tracers to measure chemical activity.

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