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Detailed Report on Kolkota ISKCON Battle
on 2001/5/11 9:46:02 ( 874 reads )


KOLKOTA, INDIA, May 3, 2001: A more complete, though not necessarily unbiased, report on the attack and subsequent arrest of dozens of people at the ISKCON temple in Kolkota (Calcutta) is posted at "source" above. The report reads in part, "The high drama began on Friday afternoon as 100 'devotees' from Mayapur burst into the Calcutta temple. The so-called 'devotees' also contained many professional 'heavies' who had been hired especially for the event. They immediately demanded to take possession of the temple, and began to occupy the ashram and other parts of the building. Devotees from the temple who got in their way were beaten and sustained injuries."

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