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Dharma, the Gurukula Way

on 2000/11/27 8:48:02 ( 1687 reads )

Source: The Hindu, November 21, 2000

HUBLI, INDIA: A unique institution has been imparting education in dharma and tradition to a few students through the gurukula system at Mayuri Extension in Vijayanagar. Started by the Mahacharya Trust, the Mahacharya Vidyalaya selects students over nine years of age to undergo the 12-year course in Sahitya, Vyakarana, Tarka and Vedanta. Headed by Pandit Pradymnacharya Joshi, the institute has just completed one year of its existence after being blessed by the pontiff of Uttaradimath, Satyatma Teertha Swamiji. The Vidyalaya is the brain child of Pandit Joshi who took his training at the Satyadhyana Gurukula, deemed the cradle for training in Dwaita (dualist) philosophy. Pandit Joshi wanted to develop an institution on similar lines. The Uttaradi Math gave the initial donation of Rs. 5,000 to start the Vidyalaya building and temple. Students are trained free of cost for the duration of the course of 12 years. Discipline and self-reliance were inculcated in them, and are trained to bring solace to the world-weary.

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