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Famed Chennai Temple Celebrates Mahakumbhabhishekam
on 2013/1/22 18:20:00 ( 1733 reads )


CHENNAI, INDIA, January 2013 (The Hindu): The Sri Kalikambal-Kamadeswarar temple, George Town, Chennai, wears a festive look. In fact the entire length of Thambu Chetty Street where the famous temple nestles has been decorated. The spirit reflects in the way the members of Sivacharya Trust and others have involved themselves in the consecration of the temple.

As the first phase, consecration of Kamadeswarar and parivara deities took place yesterday. The event was witnessed by hundreds of devotees. Mahakumbabishekam of Sri Kalikambal and the Rajagopuram will take place on January 23, from 9:00-9:45 a.m.

The priest, a Sanskrit scholar who has specialized in Hindu rituals, explains the significance of kumbabishekam. "It is not just the pouring of sacred water on the kalasam that you see on the main tower. Kumbakam means retaining. The omnipresent power of Parasakti converges here. The incessant chant of mantras enhances the power that is rejuvenated every 12 years.

Everything is done with the welfare of the people and nation in focus. The gramasantihomam is nothing but prayer for the good health and safety of the people, protection for the country from enemies, epidemic, famine and so on. The Trust wants everyone to visit the temple and benefit from the vibration.

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