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Foreign-aided NGOs Are Actively Stalling Development, IB tells PMO

on 2014/6/10 4:23:11 ( 1656 reads )


INDIA, June 7, 2014( by Amitrav Ranjan, Indian Express): As a first step to fast-tracking development high on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's agenda, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has submitted a classified document identifying several foreign-funded non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are "negatively impacting economic development". "A significant number of Indian NGOs (funded by some donors based in the US, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries) have been noticed to be using people-centric issues to create an environment which lends itself to stalling development projects," says the IB report marked to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

"The negative impact on GDP growth is assessed to be 2-3 per cent per annum," says the June 3 report, identifying seven sectors/ projects that got stalled because of NGO-created agitations against nuclear power plants, uranium mines, coal-fired power plants, farm biotechnology, mega industrial projects, hydroelectric plants and extractive industries. While detailing what it calls "anti-development" activities by the NGOs during 2011-13, the 21-page report highlights their plans for 2014 and the areas that would come under pressure.

The report says that while caste discrimination, human rights and big dams were earlier chosen by international organisations to discredit India at global forums, the recent shift in the choice of issues was to encourage "growth-retarding campaigns" focused on extractive industries, genetically-modified organisms and foods, climate change and anti-nuclear issues. According to the report, the funding for such campaigns came from foreign donors under charitable garb for issues ranging from protection of human rights, violence against women, caste discrimination, religious freedom, etc., or to provide a "just deal" to the project-affected displaced persons or for protection of livelihood of indigenous people.

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