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Hastinapur, a Hindu Heaven in Argentina

on 2011/11/7 6:22:02 ( 5499 reads )


ARGENTINA, June 11, 2011 (latin american affairs): Hastinapur has a total area of twelve acres. Its population consists of a dozen Indian Gods and an equal number of Argentine human beings.

Some of the Indian Gods reside in authentic temples filled with the scent of Indian agarbatties while others stay outdoor enjoying the fragrance of the flowers from the garden. Some are sitting or standing on the pedestals and others hang on the sides of walls and pillars. The Gods who have their own temples include Ganesh, Krishna, Surya, Narayana and Siva.

Since it is Hastinapur, there is a temple for Pandavas too. Hastinapur is clearly a place fit for the Gods, who should be pleased with the cleanliness of the place, the serene surroundings and the green garden with Rosewood trees. The only noise comes from the hundreds of birds nesting in the trees. Then there is the soft music of the devotees who sing Bhajans. It is indeed a divine place which inspires sacred thoughts and holy spirit. Ganesh stands out in white against the greenery of the garden...

For more on this idyllic plot of India in South America, click on source, above.

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