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Hinduism In America: A Call For Proposals

on 2013/11/14 2:58:48 ( 1872 reads )


UNITED STATES, November, 2013 (Press Release): The Hindu American Foundation invites applications from academics in the humanities who are studying or conducting research related to Hinduism. Applicants can be graduate students, post-doctoral students, or junior faculty. The program aims to fund rigorous scholarly research on Hindu Americans, Hinduism as it is practiced in America, or the intersection of Hindu Americans and public policy. Where feasible, comparisons to the practice of Hinduism in other parts of the diaspora or India are encouraged. The primary focus should be on Hinduism in America broadly construed.

The following are examples of eligible areas of research (the list is not exclusive and other ideas will be considered):
Association between generation and religious practice in the American Hindu Diaspora
Dharmic theory and practice in the American Hindu Diaspora
American Hindus of Non-Indian Extraction: Who are they?
Charitable giving among Hindus in the US: How much, which causes?
Hinduism and the Media: Methodological approaches to understanding portrayal
Visibility of Hindu Americans in elected office or public policy roles
Demographic studies of the Hindu American community
The status of recent Hindu refugee communities in America and in the world
Analysis of Hindu American advocacy compared to other faith communities in America

This is a one year grant for $2,500, with the possibility of renewal if work remains outstanding and the grant officers believe that extra time and money will contribute significantly to the final product and to the literature. Funding may be used for research personnel, supplies, travel to a conference to present findings, and other justifiable expenses. Funding may not be used for direct salary support. The application deadline is January 31, 2014.

Apply at "source" above.

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