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Homosexuality In Ancient India

on 2013/12/28 4:21:40 ( 4397 reads )


NEW DELHI, INDIA, December 14, 2013 (Uday India): Prof. Bharat Gupt, a classicist and dharmashastra scholar held a talk at Delhi's Habitat Centre on November 25 on "Hindu View of Homosexuality." He examined the issue along with a fellow speaker and discussant Dr. Come Carpentier of France. He observed that talking about the rights of the homosexual/gay individuals seems to be one of the major agendas of social reforms in India today. Many people think that ancient Hindu ideas were entirely compatible with the views of modern European and American notions. According to Prof. Gupt The ancient Hindu society did not consider the homosexuals as perverts or sinners. As the term, tritiiya-prakriti or third nature describes them, they are being themselves, they are being natural. This is the primary difference between the Christian and the Hindu attitude. Christianity did not accept the third nature and hence imposed a punishment on their activities.

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