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Juna Akhara To Appoint Officers To Keep An Eye On Foreign Visitors

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LUCKNOW, INDIA, January 6, 2013 (India Times): Contrary to the earlier reports that the Shri Panchdasnaam Juna Akhara, popularly known as the Juna Akhara - has banned the entry of foreign visitors in its Akhara area at the Kumbh Mela site, officials of the Akhara have clarified that the ban remains in place only for nefarious elements, who leave no stone unturned to lure and trap the gullible sadhus.

And in order to keep an eye on the activities of the suspicious elements during the religious carnival, which is beginning on January 14, the Varanasi-based Akhara has planned to appoint kotwals (police officers), who would keep an eye on the visitors coming to the Akhara area. Elaborating more about the Akhara's plan of action, Mahant Prem Giri, a senior office bearer of Juna Akhara said, "We have decided to form a team of kotwals, whose main job would be to keep an eye on the suspicious and unreligious activities of the visitors, especially the foreign ones, who come here with the intention of harming and polluting the spiritual nature of Sanatan Dharma. These kotwals would move around the ashram premises in the Kumbh area and would continuously alert and caution the saints and seers to refrain from falling into the traps laid by a few vested interests."

Mahanat Prem Giri was however, quick to clarify that there warning is confined only to those people, whose sole intention is to spoil the sanctity of Hinduism. "We would welcome people of all nationalities and for good people, the doors of the ashram at the Kumbh Mela site would always remain open. However, we would certainly not entertain the anti-social elements who think that just by holding a chillum, one would become a saint, and attain sainthood. They lure the sadhus and try to inculcate a feeling of greed in the sadhus, which is certainly not acceptable."

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