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Kailas-Mansarovar Yatra Travelog

on 2013/9/29 3:52:41 ( 2041 reads )


TIBET, August 2013 (Puthurshivatemple.blogspot): Trekking Kailas Mansarovar is one of the most sacred and adventurous pilgrimages. This journey is revered by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains alike. In Hinduism, Mt. Kailas is considered as the abode of Lord Siva. While a holy bath in Lake Mansarovar is believed to wash away sins committed over several lifetimes.

This fascinating and detailed travelog at "source" follows the experience of S. Gopal and his wife S. Rama from August 11 to August 24, 2013 as they are treated to a region of breathtaking beauty and a trek that tests physical endurance.

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