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Kumbh Mela Photo Ban
on 2001/1/22 8:49:02 ( 1115 reads )


ALLAHABAD, INDIA, January 19, 2001: The Allahabad High Court has directed the Kumbha Mela authorities to strictly follow the United Province Mela Rules which specifically state that no one can take photographs of the bathing ghats of the mela. The ruling was in response to a public interest petition seeking ban on photos and telecasts of the bathing area after several Indian and foreign TV channels were freely telecasting shots of nude women and naga sadhus taking holy dip in the Sangam. Festival official Journalists and amateur photographers rushed in when a horde of naked, ash-smeared holy men charged into the Ganges on Sunday. While some pilgrims enjoyed the attention, others complained. Photographers will now have to stay at least 500 meters from the waters edge. See also nonfram/ 200101/ detNAT01.asp

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