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Madrid's Indian Film and Dance Festival
on 2014/8/1 17:14:26 ( 883 reads )


MADRID, SPAIN, June 7, 2014 (El Mundo): The seventh annual BollyMadrid Festival is being held on the streets and plazas of the Spanish capital for three days in June. The sponsor of the event, the government of Madrid's central Lavapies district, is anticipating that 30,000 people will come to participate in the festival. The festival includes a morning fair selling Indian fashion and handicrafts and holding workshops, such as rangoli drawing, for the children. There's an Indian food plaza with 25 booths staffed by the district's Indian restaurants. Over three days there will be 50 performances choreographed for 100 dancers. And in the evening after sunset, the latest films from Mumbai are being shown on the big screen over the stage.

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