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Married Catholic Archbishop Abandons Wife

on 2001/8/14 9:45:02 ( 1257 reads )


VATICAN, August 14, 2001: An African archbishop of the Catholic Church, Emmanuel Milingo, 71, is reported by the Vatican to be "renouncing my living together with Maria Sung and my relationship with the Rev Moon," according to a letter released by the Vatican. The announcement came after a meeting with the pope. Maria Sung, 43, is a Korean who married the archbishop in a ceremony performed by the controversial Christian leader Sung Myung Moon whose followers are popularly known as "Moonies." Maria told reporters she may be pregnant by the archbishop, and that she has gone on a hunger strike, vowing to die if the archbishop renounced their marriage. The Vatican has not disclosed Archbishop Milingo's whereabouts, other than to say he "had decided to pass a period of reflection and prayer ahead of his full reconciliation" with the Catholic Church. He would have been excommunicated had he not abandoned his wife. Catholics are forbidden to divorce, and it is not explained how the Church justifies the breaking up of a consummated marriage.

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