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Odisha Government: Devotees Cannot Climb On Chariots During Ratha Yatra

on 2014/6/16 4:30:45 ( 1365 reads )


BHUBANESWAR, INDIA, June 11, 2014 (Orissa Diary): Devotees cannot climb on the huge chariots during Ratha Yatra. As it's a sensitive matter further consultations are going on. This was announced by the Law minister, Arun Sahoo. The minister also said that the decision applies not just on Rath Yatra day, but also on Bahuda Yatra (return car festival) and Suna Besha (golden attire). However, the minister refused to come up with a concrete rule on the issue of touching the devotees. "It is a highly sensitive issue and needs wider consultation with all stakeholders", he said.

Daitapati Niyog leader Ramakrushna Mohapatra spoke to reporters after the meeting and expressed his approval of the government's proposal. "We have accepted the state government's proposal of not allowing the devotees to climb chariots on three days- Rath Yatra day, Bahuda and Suna Vesha from the security point of view. But, the practice of devotees mounting to chariots after they reach destination will continue," he said.

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