Origin of the Malaysan Chitti Community

Date 2013/1/10 4:09:18 | Topic: Hindu Press International


MELAKA, MALAYSIA, January 5, 2013 (The Hindu): In a cottage near Melaka, Hugh and Colleen Gantzer learn about a 230-year-old community of exiles -- the Chettis of Malaysia, hailing not from Chettinad but Chennai, and distinguished by their richly merged bloodlines.

When we spotted the entrance arch and the board, while driving around Melaka, we stopped. An inscription said Kampung Chetti: the Chetti Village. That was odd. Chetti is the Malaysian term for the enterprising Chettiars of Tamil Nadu. But those great trading families had a tradition of sending their men to amass fortunes in Burma and South-East Asia, returning, periodically, to their families in Chettinad. There their families had lived in their ornate nattukottai mansions. Who, then, were these Malaysian Chettis?

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