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Revolutionary Transport Device
on 2001/3/12 8:45:02 ( 901 reads )


MANCHESTER, NH, March 7, 2001: Inventor Dean Kamen's invention, called "IT" or "Ginger," is a two-wheeled hydrogen-powered scooter that is emission-free. The print publication of says, "Ginger represents the first generation of a new mode of transportation that will compete with and possibly replace automobiles. The ramifications of a 'hydrogen economy' would be profound on everything from the environment to the energy business to global politics." IT is already generating financial support from Steve Jobs of Apple and Jeff Bezos of, who reportedly have seen the machine. Kamen, a successful inventor who has come up with innovative, stair-climbing wheelchairs and an insulin pump, created a company called ACROS to build "motorized, self-propelled, wheelchairs, scooters, and carts."

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