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South Africa Temple Celebrates Akhand Hanuman Chalisa
on 2014/7/31 17:38:45 ( 896 reads )


SOUTH AFRICA, July 29, 2014 (Indian Times): The Isipingo Dharam Mandir celebrated its 2nd Akhand Hanuman Chalisa on 25th May 2014 at the temple in Isipingo. The President of the Temple Society, Neelien Ramchand explain that the event included the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times. Various satsang groups from the Durban area were programmed to perform the Hanuman Chalisa during this marathon recital. The recitation started at 6 am and ended at 6 pm.

The day's proceedings commenced with prayer at 4-30 am. Neelien said that the Akhand Hanuman Chalisa was a thanksgiving prayer to the Supreme Being in the form of Lord Hanuman to acknowledge our existence and give thanks to what we have in this world. Pundith Suman Singh, the officiating priest, said, "We are all servants of the Lord and our existence is by the grace of the Lord".

The origins of the temple started in 1963 when the community of Malakazi got together to start this organisation. It had very humble beginnings and has grown over the years. It currently has about 120 members of the temple society. However, during the major festivals and celebrations, hundreds of people from far and wide gather at the temple to offer prayers and pay homage to the Lord.

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