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South India's Kumbha Mela Held at Mysore
on 2001/2/10 8:48:02 ( 1106 reads )

Source: The Hindu

MYSORE, INDIA, February 4, 2001: With the approaching Maha Sivaratri celebrations, the Kumbha Mela at Allahabad where millions have taken a purifying dip will soon end. Devout Hindus are now focused on a three-day Mela from February 6-8 in Mysore District at Tirumakudala Narsipura. This site, where three sacred rivers also join, has gained significance since 1989. When the Swamjis of Kailas Ashrama Mahasamsthana Math, Adichunchanagiri Math, Suttur Math and Omkarashrama Mahasamsthana Mathi in the region realized that sages Agastya, Gargamuni and Markandeya had worshiped and done penance at the confluence, the Mela at T. Narsipura has been well attended, especially by those who can't make it to the mela in the north.

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