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Temples Institute Dress Codes In Saurashtra

on 2013/4/9 4:00:34 ( 2401 reads )


RAJKOT, INDIA, March 31, 2013 (Times of India): As you reach near the entrance of the ashram of revered saint Bajarangdas Bapa in Bagdana town of Bhavnagar district, you will find a notice board which says that "those wearing half pants, night dress, gowns which are indecent in nature, should not enter into the Ashram." The religious place is extremely popular across the state where average 10,000 devotees pay that visit daily.

According to sources, the dress code has been imposed for the last 12 months to maintain the "Indian culture" in the temple area. Surubha Gohil, manager of the Bajarangdas temple, said that their volunteers first make requests to devotees and offer dhotis before entering into the temple. However, those women who enter which such dresses have been asked to pray from outside the temple as there are no replacement clothes offered to women.

The dress codes in temples are increasingly taking place in the state. Recently, the trust managing Jain temples of Palitana have decided to implement a strict dress code for visitors. "We want to maintain the religious decorum and purity in our temples. For past many years, we have been noticing that the dresses of many people do not go well with the religious faith; the trust is providing dresses to the tourists and pilgrims, who are seen wearing objectionable clothes. Men will be given lahenga and kafni, while women will be provided with salwar-kameez" said a source from Anandji Kalyanji Trust at Palitana.

Somnath temple, which is considered one of twelve Jyotirling temples of the country, has also banned such clothes of visitors from 2011. Somnath temple, ensure that visitors have removed belts and are not in improper or disrespectful dress.

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