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UK Schools Spread Misinformation About Hinduism, Resulting in Bullying and Racial Hate Crime, a Report Suggests

Posted on 2021/1/17 11:22:51 ( 155 reads )


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 16, 2021 (EIN News): A report published by INSIGHT UK today reveals that pupils leave school with an incorrect and sparse understanding of Hinduism. INSIGHT UK is an organization that aims to address the concerns of the British Hindu and British Indian communities. The document titled "A report on the state of Hinduism in Religious Education in UK Schools," includes claims of bullying and inferiority complex issues experienced by British Hindus because of the inaccurate teaching of Hinduism in Religious Education. It states some disturbing findings, including parents highlighting misinformation spread by UK schools, for example linking gender disparity in education in India to Hinduism and linking social issues from South Asia to Hinduism. A teaching book even suggested that Hindus were turning to terrorism.

The report also provides evidence that the subject is not available for most students taking GCSE exams, despite Hindus being the third-largest religious group in the UK. The project by INSIGHT UK was supported and guided by major Hindu organizations in the UK. Asmita Bhudia, a Hinduism Tutor and School Teacher, says, "The choice is taken away from pupils and parents to accurately study Hinduism in many UK schools." INSIGHT UK carried out consultations and research with SACRE members, academics, teachers, and parents followed by a national survey, which is being described as one of the most successful Hindu surveys in the UK in terms of responses and coverage. Data captured showed that the majority of British Hindus were dissatisfied with the teaching of Hinduism in UK schools and unhappy with teachers' knowledge of the subject.

Help Hinduism Today with Photos of Your Beautiful Hindu Home Shrine

Posted on 2021/1/17 11:22:38 ( 366 reads )

KAUAI, HAWAII, January 17, 2021 (HPI): Hinduism Today editors are assembling an article on the Hindu home shrine, with writers in London and a research team in Western Canada. We want to show readers some truly great home shrine ideas and so are asking HPI CyberCadets to send us high-resolution photos of shrine rooms that are special. Send to: sada@hindu.org

Daily Inspiration

Posted on 2021/1/17 11:22:23 ( 88 reads )


"Learn to make the whole world your own. No one is a stranger, my child, the whole world is your own."
-- Sri Sarada Devi (1853-1920) wife of Sri Ramakrishna

Dharma and Diaspora: Pankaj Jain's Book Sheds Light on Impact of Indic Communities In USA, and the Possible Dangers That Await Them

Posted on 2021/1/16 10:40:00 ( 164 reads )


UNITED STATES, January 5, 2021 (Swarajya, by A. Neelakandran): Pankaj Jain came to New Jersey in 1996 on a H1B visa and is now Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Texas (@ProfPankajJain). His Indian employer gifted two American software experts, who had come to teach Pankaj Jain and his colleagues a programming language, a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, and a few albums of Indian classical music and this, Jain says, was his first wake-up alarm. "Dharma and Diaspora" skillfully combines his own personal journey with the larger history of how the Dharmic family of religions came to the United States and created an impact, faced challenges, adapted, survived and are flourishing.

Though there have been quite a lot of books on Hindus in the United States, he points out that most of these books do not study Indian classical music or Ayurveda making inroads into the Americas. It is interesting to note that the image of India -- from being a land of peculiar Deities and exotic animals during the period when the United States was under British dominion -- changes to that of a philosophical, ancient nation, through the transcendentalist movement. He gives the readers a brief tour of the influence of Vedantins, starting with Swami Vivekananda, and that of the theosophists, and moves to later-day gurus like Rajneesh Chandra Mohan (Osho). With a bird's eye-view of the conceptual and exotic influence Hinduism had on the Americas, he moves to the way indentured laborers in the Caribbean islands contributed to societal evolution there.

Much more of this review at "source."

Thai Pongal Harvest Festival Observed in Sri Lanka

Posted on 2021/1/16 10:40:00 ( 108 reads )


COLOMBO, SRI LANKA, January 14, 2021 (News First): Thai Pongal is a traditional harvest festival observed by all Tamils, Hindus and non-Hindus alike. It is celebrated in India, Sri Lanka and other parts of the world where there are Tamil communities. It falls in the month of Thai of the Tamil calendar (the tenth month in the Tamil calendar) and is held to thank the Sun God, Earth, the Rain God, other natural elements and the cattle for a good harvest. Pongal literally means boiling over. Sweet Pongal rice is offered to the Sun God during the Thai Pongal festival.

Thai Pongal is the only Hindu festival that follows a solar calendar (the days are fixed by the movement of the Sun) and is celebrated in mid-January each year. Pongal is also astrologically important as it marks the start of the Sun's journey northwards from its southernmost point. On Thai Pongal day, houses and places of worship are decorated with kolam or rangoli and families engage in Pongal activities. The main food preparation is Pongal; cooking takes place outdoors in a decorated clay pot. The main ingredients are rice, milk, green gram (mung beans), jaggery, spices, cashew nuts, and raisins. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in his message for Thai Pongal joined the Tamil brethren to share their joy and happiness.

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